Ava Grace's Closet: Things I Learned in Quarantine
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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Things I Learned in Quarantine

Oh quarantine, how I hate to love you.
And though we are no longer locked down - you did teach us a lot of things we never knew or never knew that we never knew. 

Like, for one, I never knew how much I love gnomes. 

Or that I know every single word to La Isla Bonita. Funny when you have nothing but time you remember that yes, you did indeed memorize every word. And yes, even though you haven't heard the song in 15+ years you can still remember them even though you can't usually remember what you had for lunch.

I also learned that you can watch every episode of Marie Kondo's series, implement each of those in your home and feel fabulous for approximately two full days. No matter how much you organize your space, (and boy, have we organized!) there will ALWAYS be more to organize. And then, in a surprising twist, while you're busy doing said organizing, your previous work will quickly become, you guessed it, disorganized.

During all this purging, I've also learned that I have more chandelier earrings that any one girl should have. Which makes ae a good friend - especially if you have a function and need to borrow say, a pair of chandelier earrings. 

You know how we always say, oh, if I only had more time, I would eat healthier? Yeah, turns out, with more time, really, you just bake more cookies.

There is also more time to take silly mirror selfies with your oldest kid. 

Colouring you hair on your own isn't really that hard. Yes, you will be darker for a time - but hey! It's only hair. I may or may not have coloured mine, Isabella's and even my Julian's who thought this time was obviously the perfect time to try platinum. He may or may not have become a doppelganger for Eminem for a time, and we kinda liked it.

The very best part of all this quarantine? Learning that I actually really, REALLY like my kids. I mean, of course, I love them - but they also happen to be super fun to hang out with. And funny. 
Man are they funny.

Now COVID, I have done my part. 
Your turn. 
Please just go away.
Thank you.

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