Ava Grace's Closet: About Me
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About Me

This is me.
I gave up a long-time career in the telecommunications industry to fully enjoy my Ava Grace some 9 years ago. She joined our family much later in life following the surprising news that I was pregnant again at almost 40
Today, I couldn't imagine a life without her. 
She was the inspiration for this blog and brings so much joy and laughter every day.
Now that she is in school full-time, I've returned to a full-time job in Corporate Sales.
Ava also has an awesome big brother, Julian, who is 20, loves to play video games, hates socks, school and being the only boy in the house.
Not necessarily in that order.
She also has a beautiful big sister, Isabella, who is 23, an avid piano player, reader and a Friends junkie.
She may or may not have watched the entire series three times. It might be four.
Izzy works full time in social media management.
In this space, you'll find stories about our day to day life, with a healthy dose of curated fashion, beauty and lifestyle finds.
It has become my creative outlet and a great way to connect to other mamas.

Say hello and stay awhile!