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Thursday, October 16, 2014

What She Wore : Hooded

Let's face it, when you're fifteen going on sixteen tomorrow {eeek!}, pretty much everything looks good on you. 
I can still remember my own mother saying, "if it's not going to look good now, when will it?" when I was young and totally ridiculous.
This fabulously cozy, hooded sweater via the equally fabulous Magnolia Boutique has become this girl's staple. 
Perfect with our new favourite jeans {under $10!}. 

hooded cardigan - c/o Magnolia Boutique
tank - American Eagle {not current} option
jeans - Forever XXI
shoes - Converse
She's been stopped daily at school about it so I asked her where she told the girls she got it from. 
Her reply? Online.
Tomorrow she goes back with the website address. 
I mean, hello. Sharing is caring.

Visit Magnolia Boutique here to see this and their entire line of cozy cardigans.


  1. What a beauty!! Looooove her hoodie! and you are so right, sharing IS caring, ha ha!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!! You have done good mama ... she is beautiful not only on the outside but radiates inner beauty. Ah to be 16 again ... umm no been there survived it once - not going to tempt fate ... LOL ... love that cardigan!! and jeans under $10 - WOW!!! Yes, one must share the source of affordable fashion... Happy Thursday ..xo Celia M. HHL

  3. Love the cardigan! The entire fall collection at Magnolia boutique is pretty fantastic:)


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