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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Giving Thanks

It's Thanksgiving in these parts and like always, it allowed us a day to think about what we are thankful for.
This year, we spent the day at home. I made a yummy butternut squash soup and cooked up an organic chicken with fresh lemons and rosemary {I don't do turkey, in case you are wondering}. There was mashed potatoes at the kid's request and green beans for my soon.to.be sixteen year old.
When we sat down to eat, I asked each of them what they were thankful for.
It went something like this -

Julian: my family.
Izzy: lots of things.
Ava: potatoes. all the potatoes.

Alas, it allowed us a day to be together, and I know, whether they choose to admit or not, the kids had a nice day. 
By the way, how incredible are Bath and Body Works candles? 
I bought a few of their 3-wick versions and am really enjoying them.
We burned "Thanksgiving Morning" which has the scent of pumpkin pecan waffles. 
Sign me up.
find it here
I'm thankful for this little family of mine.
For the whining. For the arguing. For the hugging.
For the clothes stealing. For the messiness.
For every little moment.

In the end, isn't it really about the little things?
Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends and readers.
I am thankful for each of you. 


  1. Pretty!


  2. how funny...my son has been asking for potatoes for dinner this whole week!! butternut squash soup sounds yum!!

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