Ava Grace's Closet: A Coffee Date
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Monday, March 18, 2013

A Coffee Date

We've yet to have a coffee date this year so I figured it was definitely time.  
In case you were wondering, I prefer regular coffee to say a Starbucks latte, especially first thing in the morning. And I prefer bought coffee to a home brew. Always. I take mine double-double. Although I am trying TRYING to cut the sugar part.
Not so easy.
I would tell you that this past weekend, we moved Ava into her "big girl" bed. We donated her old crib {which was Izzy's...and then Julian's...} to Habitat for Humanity.
She keeps telling anyone who will listen that it has gone to "a new baby".
The first night didn't go so well.
As we anticipated, she wouldn't stay put and kept coming downstairs.
So, we let her fall asleep on the family room carpet and then moved her.
A few hours later, the throwing up began.
We won't talk about that part.

The kids were home last week for Spring Break.
And honestly? I prefer it. 
No super-early mornings. Company all day.
And other than feeling like a taxi-driver some days, it was a pretty fun week for all.
Thursday, the older girls {that would be Izzy and I} went out to get our hair done. We're still trying to manage her new love for lighter hair with my love for keeping her as natural as possible.
With that in mind, we've compromised with highlights on top only. 
And now? It's far too light.
That's the thing with color. You never really know where you might end up.
Oh. I ended up with ombre.
And Isabella? She will end up back at the salon on Tuesday for some low lights.

I was recently asked to do a little video review for Silver Speck. It's gone out to their entire mailing list which is ridiculously exciting! And of course, you can see it on you tube right here
If you like the necklace, be sure to visit on Friday. Trust me on this one. 
Julian kept insisting last night that school did not start again today.
Tuesday, he said. Very convincingly I might add. 
I'm sure that may or may not have something to do with the fact that fifth grade speeches start this week. 
Not his favorite thing.
And I can't say I blame him.

We're busy planning our celebration of the big "3" this coming weekend! 
And I love that every time I ask Ava what she wants for her birthday, she says "candles on it".
So loving this age.
She can tell me what she wants, if anything hurts and best of all, will randomly give kisses. 
I will say "I love you". And she will say "I love you too".
To which I reply, "I love you more".
And she says "in the whole wide world".

If I could have coffee IRL with any of my blogger friends today...I might choose this girl, because she loves Dunkin' almost as much as I do. Or this girl, because I know she wouldn't mind the extra sugar, in fact, I think she might even talk me into a chocolate donut. 
Yes, both girls after my own heart. 
If you can, take a moment to share a coffee with a friend this week.
Sometimes, it really is the best therapy.


  1. Ah - Dunkin makes THE best coffee! So sad that there aren't any around here. But we go out of our way to stop when we're traveling.:)

  2. Lovely post to get to know you and your family better!
    Beautiful girls (and son!!)

    I always colour my hair myself and in the meantime I know that everything darker than "dark blonde" will turn my hair into Pocahontas black :-( It is a pity that you can never rely on the description and photos they show.

    Lady of Style

  3. That sounds like a perfect coffee date!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't think of better company :) oh and we would totally walk to the coffee shop so you would feel so guilty about that dough nut i talked you into :)

    Glad you had a good spring break. bummer about hte big girl bed and the throw up. no fun.

    how beautiful is izzy?! she gets it from her mama ...

    glad you had a good break.!Ours starts this week! yeah!!!!

  4. I would treat you both, and no one would need to talk me into a glazed donut. It's second only to the Double Stuf on my list of vices. Thank God for BodyPump or I'd be a circle.


  5. You know I have NEVER had Dunkin Doughnuts?! Probably because we don't have one here, but still...now I feel like I'm missing out!!!

  6. Enjoy this weekend and celebrating miss Ava's big 3rd birthday!

  7. Dearest Susan,
    You have lived through quite some changes; hope from now on the ride goes smooth again.

  8. Such a sweet post, and I love the response little Ava gives you.

  9. Sounds like things are progressing wonderfully on your end. Izzy is tres beautiful and looking like her mama more and more. Little Ava is growing up ... Girl we need a real coffee date and catch up ... I can talk you into something sweet at Starbuck's and will do my best to get you to drink coffee no sugar..:)... Hugs, C. (HHL)

  10. 3 already?
    Man they grow fast. It was a monumental thing when he transitioned into the big bed. He did surprisingly well however, he discovered his new found freedom.
    Wouldn't it be great if every week started on Tuesday? That kid has the right idea :)


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