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Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Fancies : The Perfect Trench

Spring is almost upon us and here in Toronto, this usually means about 3 weeks of semi-warm, "can't go without a jacket weather", before the summer heat kicks in.
But, and this part is important, you MUST be prepared for this time.
And by prepared, I mean, you have to own a classic trench...particularly if you are a working woman.
A reader {and dear friend} recently asked me to help her on the search for the perfect trench coat.
Know that she has 2 children under the age of 4 so comfort, versatility and affordability are key.

cover - perfect trench

The iconic, classic Burberry trench.
The one which all others are measured against.
And yes, you could splurge on this beauty. It would definitely last a lifetime but really, do you want to spend what could very likely be your entire Spring shopping budget on one item?
Not so much.

Here are a few great options: 
J Crew $344 {J Crew Factory : option}

Forever XXI $29.80 

Zara $139
Jacob $169.90 {sign up for their online newsletter & receive $20 off your purchase}

The Gap $128 {less 30% right now} 

I also saw a huge {and fabulous!} collection at The Bay that included tons of great looks by London Fog. Definitely worth checking out. 
My favorite above has to be the leather-trimmed version by Jacob. It's classic but with an edge which I always love.
Which one would you choose?

 photo b3c55105-2875-4109-8016-a3e51c326004_zps36373d36.jpg


  1. Just stumbled onto your blog, love every inch of it, nice post on the Trench coat, my favourite staple in my wardrobe!

  2. In South Texas, we wear a trench more than any coat. These are excellent selections! Have a great Friday!

  3. I heart j. crew. I like forevers' prices better, i really love j crew :)

    happy friday!

  4. I really need a trench but never actually actively look for one.


  5. I really want to buy myself a trench coat, they are just classic. Thank you for sharing a few different options. :)


  6. LOVE LOVE the jacob trench!!!!


  7. I have a classic beige and a bright red trench and love them both.
    Burberry is one of the greatest brands but more than just slightly above my budget... ZARA and MANGO always have a great selection.

    Lady of Style


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