Ava Grace's Closet: Dreaming of Paris
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dreaming of Paris

...from Paris!
No, I'm not really in Paris but a girl can dream n'est pas?
And a lifelong dream it has been.
I dream of seeing the eiffel tower and not being at Paris, Paris in Vegas. 
I dream of sitting at a dreamy little cafe people watching.
A creperie might be even better.
And I would certainly be wearing a beret. And a striped long sleeve shirt with a black pencil skirt and pointy-toed flats. Cat eye sunglasses. Red lips.
Not that I've planned it out or anything...
There might be a little shopping and there would definitely be a stop at Laduree.
I have pinned more macaron's from this infamous bakery than any normal person should.
I just want one. 
are you reading this my brother who may or may not be in France at this very moment? one.
And then there would be endless roaming of the streets.
Getting lost in the beauty that can be found in most european cities but that seem to be even prettier in the City of Light.
An apartment in this building would certainly provide some incredible views from all sides.
Anyone know a good agent?
I will get there. 
Celia assures me there are flights every day.
I'm not sure what we're waiting for?


  1. Yes, please do come visit! You forgot to mention the delicious pastries at Angelina's. If your brother doesn't come through with the macaroons, let me know. ;)

  2. Oh I will dear friend who lives in France and who I am full-on envious of. Angelina's? Please tell me more...

  3. I've always dreamed of London, but have yet to get there. I have a cousin living there now, so I'm not sure why we haven't made the trip yet (well, having three young children has something to do with it, I guess). I told my husband if we don't go there together this spring, I'm going without him!

  4. Oh, how I've dreamed of Paris as well. And ALL parts of France. I wanted to be an exchange student in France so badly when I was in High School and never made it. My hubby who did a year-long carpentry apprenticeship in Germany loves to tease me that he's been and I haven't.
    Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

  5. Paris is one of those cities I too have always wanted to visit. I love the pictures you chose, it gave me a mini-vacation from my laptop! I trust one day I will experience it for myself and not always second hand from my sisters or friends who have gone before me!

  6. Sounds dreamy--its so funny I barely know you but you seem like someone who make Paris their home-- hoping that you dreams come true and you blog about of course ;)

  7. Having just done these things of which you dream....they were my dream as well before last Friday....I can only tell you one thing, and that is that Paris seems to have a way of making all those things one desires to get out of seeing it HAPPEN!
    I had no idea. I had heard it all, seen all the pictures, heard all the stories....they are all true.
    It's magical, mystical, wonderful, stunningly beautiful, charming, and more fun than you can ever imagine.
    GO SOON....while you are still as beautiful as you are. You will fit in like the proverbial Paris cafe....and you will never forget it.
    Love, from Paris, your Brother.

  8. Dearest Susan,

    Oh, you would be like a kid in a candy store, when over in Paris.
    I've been several times and one could spend a week and still not tire.
    Hugs to you,

  9. swwwwooooonnnnnnnn ~ I'm dreaming right along with you :)

  10. OH yes Angelina's ... and their fabulous simply to die for Chocolat Chaud!!! Which by the way dear friend I may have in my possession - also in my tea drawer you will find some fabulous teas from Laduree and with your help we could make some recipes from the Laduree recipe book I just acquired. But nothing will compare to actually going!! and September is a fabulous month to go! xo C. (HHL)

  11. Lets GO! The food and the wine and oh the FASHION!

  12. This does look like a wonderful city to explore. I would love to visit that delicious bakery too.

  13. I loved your post. My husband dreams of renting a car for a week and traveling through the countryside of France. I know how he drives though...so our dreams are not spot on with that one. :)

    Excellent ending quote on your post. :) :)

  14. You should go! go get one of those macarons!

  15. Paris is beautiful, spent 2 week there on holiday with my family. I vloged whilst I was there (http://uncovertheuntold.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/adventures-in-paris.html).


  16. Susan, I'll meet you there. And we can have our own creeps - forget sharing! ;) But you'll have to allow me to be your twin, as your outfit sound perfect for this journey. :) Let's keep dreaming... We never know....
    Hope your week continues to be as exciting as today's fun post.

  17. Would be lovely for sure, I haven't been in years...

  18. Awwww.... I so want to go to Paris ^ ^
    Amy x

  19. me too.......PAris is one of my all time fave cities....I would love to go back with the hubby and run a race adn then shop will I drop with pastry and baguette in hand.......I'll dream of it tonight


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