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Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello High School!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, summer is officially "almost done". 
I know this because tomorrow, my baby, my original baby girl, is off for orientation at her new high school
Say what?
Apparently, they need my baby daughter there for the next couple of days to introduce her to all that is high school. There will be tours, schedule reviews, lectures, ice-breakers, snacks and a bbq lunch.
Sort of like my introduction to high school minus the tours, schedule reviews, lectures, ice-breakers, snacks and bbq  lunches.

I remember worrying something awful about how I was going to find my classes in what appeared to be a school 10 times as large as my elementary one. And being completely crazy worrying about what grade nine initiation was going to be.
My parents did not worry nor did I worry them about any of this.
First day went something like this...
"Here is your bus fare. Have a good day today!"
I then proceeded to walk to the bus stop, take 2 public transit buses and 1 subway to get into downtown Toronto, and then walk the 4 or 5 blocks to school.
I was barely 13 having skipped a grade. A baby.

Today, my daughter has never taken public transit other than once or twice for the "adventure" of it.
A school bus  will pick her up each morning a stone's throw from our house.
And this initiation talk? It is no more. praise God.
I am so excited for everything that is in store for her.
She claims not to be nervous. I'm not sure I believe her.
That or I'm just nervous for her.
I hugged her this evening and asked her not to leave me. I may have whined just little bit.
She said o.k.
I told her I could home school her.
She said o.k.
And then reminded me that we would need to move to California in order for all of this to be legal.
I said o.k.

I love you sweet girl!
All will be well. And if not, they will have your mama to answer to.


  1. What a huge milestone. I can see why you are so excited for her. Your intro to HS sounds a lot like mine - I think maybe they gave me a map.

  2. Wonderful for her!! She is crossing over! She will do great in high school, time is moving on, its going by so fast! My twins are in 7th grade and my oldest is in 10th how did that happen?

  3. I remember my first day of high school. My school had 500 students, in my class. I was so excited. Congrats on this wonderful milestone.

  4. Aw, congrats to your daughter. High school was so fun! i bet she loves it!!

  5. Time sure flies, doesn't it? All the best to your original baby girl! She's got some great years ahead!

  6. You can move down to MN where it's legal to home school.:) We'd be glad to have you!

    I can't imagine sending my girl off to high school. I'm having a hard enough time with the fact that I'm sending my babies off to pre-school (not to mention my older one to second grade). What will I do without my babies?!

    That beautiful daughter of yours going to do great in High School!

  7. I remember how nervous I was. She'll do wonderfully, I'm sure.

  8. I remember how nervous I was. She'll do wonderfully, I'm sure.

  9. Dearest Susan,

    This is yet another mile stone in your daughter's life. And yes, the transtion from 'baby' goes tooooooooooooo fast!
    Hugs to you,

  10. Congrats to you ad her for making it this far! I am dreading my girls starting elementary school so I can only imagine how hard high school will be!

  11. It is so unfair that they age so quickly. I hope that she had a wonderful first day.

  12. They get so big so fast. And I too had parents that didn't worry at all. I went off to college at 16 they did not once visit the campus.

  13. awwwww yeah to high school! I loved high school!

    look at you smartiie pants skippin grades and all!

  14. It's going to break my freakin' heart when my baby goes to high school!

  15. Oh boy! She'll do great and so will you, Mama!

    I remember my first day of high-school: no orientations or "welcome" BBQs, just me reluctantly walking back down the last flight of stairs after realizing I'd missed the 3rd floor and had unknowingly kept climbing to what would be THE ROOF, hoping no one would see me, and meeting the eyes of one of my best friends (still) who broke out hysterically laughing.

    Holy Awkwardness!

  16. so nervous for the day the boys leave me

  17. I don't even want to think about high school days. I am a wreck every year and they are still in elementary school! I hope she loves it!

  18. Oh my gosh, I can't even imagine! She'll do great and you will too!

  19. I was nervous just sending my kids on the bus, I can't even imagine surviving what you went through when you went to school. HUGS to you and your daughter!


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