Ava Grace's Closet: May or May Not
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

May or May Not

My favourite posts by Christina from The Olive Tree have to be her May or May Not posts. Today, I am so stealing her idea.
Love you sweet friend!

Julian may or may not have been using body wash as hair gel ever since we arrived. It works so he may or may not have told me he is not going to stop.

I may or may not be telling every cashier in Florida that I feel as though I just stole from them. The deals are ri.dic.u.lous.
Ava may or may not have had her first pedicure courtesy of mama and a bottle of quick dry polish. It may or may not have been by choice. And it may or may not still make us giggle daily.

The entire family may or may not be addicted to Draw Something. I am Susan J if you are so inclined. Or not.
I may or may not have said ok to picking up a Sun-In like product for Isabella at Target. Her hair may or may not be a completely different color now. Thankfully, it has been gradual so I am not sure whether her father has fully noticed as yet.
When it happens, he may or may not kill me. 

We may or may not have a lizard {who we have named Lizzie2} living in our kitchen. 
OK, we do. 


  1. I may or may not talk to you again since you left me :( waaaahhhhh!!!
    Glad you are enjoying your vaca!!

  2. LOL... loved this post!! Ah Julian ....boys will be boys! sounds like Ava is "getting into" girlie girl attitude ...adorable I'm sure. Isabella is growing up , I could think of worse things than sun-in for the hair.

    The shopping is awesome there!! You go girl, just think how much you are saving ...so buy! buy! buy!

    Fabulous photos! Hugs, C. (HHL)

    P.S. a small patisserie has open in Kleinburg ... we will need to plan a catch up day and enjoy all their French treats!!!xo

  3. My oldest daughter has told me that her only goals for summer are to get a tan, and to get as many blonde streaks in her hair as possible. She'd LOVE for me to buy her some Sun-In. Since she's only 7, I think we're going to focus on other goals for the summer instead.;)

    Your children are so beautiful, Susan!:)

  4. HAHAH!!! The body wash!!
    I feel bad that I shop in the US so much...but damn...Canada...why are we charging so much? I can get a gallon of milk for 2.50!! And the clothes??? OMG...so yea, it does feel like stealing LOL.
    Your kids are gorgeous.

  5. haha love this! I may or may not seem to find dead lizards in my suitcase after Florida trips :(

    I need to play draw something with you!! :)

    Cute photos!

  6. great picture of the kids. i keep forgetting to look you up on draw something. if you ever get a game request from becks808, it's me.

  7. What a great idea for a post! Your kids are lovely! I remember my days laying out in SFL with the sunny bottle beside me :)

  8. I my or may not have laughed out loud reading this post! Fab!

  9. Cute kids! They sure do grow up fast. I remember using sun-in in my hair as a kid. Let's just say it wasn't a pretty sight..lol..


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