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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ava's Favourite Things

Play is the work of children. It's very serious stuff. - Bob Keeshan

It is almost as though a light goes off. At some point, Ava discovered that she could actually play with her toys rather than just try to eat them. 
And it really wasn't that long ago.
I find I am forever looking for that perfect toy, the one that will hold her interest for more than 5 minutes. And ideally, one that doesn't reside in my kitchen cupboards...or make up drawer...or...

Since turning the BIG "2", I am finding it's getting better and better.
Her favorites this week include:

The Ball

Really, any ball will do, but somehow, she enjoys it more when she actually takes it away from her brother and when it is almost bigger than she is. 

Ava's looks a tad different than this one but the concept is the same. This thing is f.u.n. and educational which I love. All of the v-tech toys are so well made. The V-Tech baby range is perfect for this age and really encourages interaction and rewards her for it. And of course, she claps for herself. Don't they all?

The Shopping Cart 
I wrote about our love for this $7.49 baby here and it still remains a toy she plays with almost daily.
She does her "laps" running from family room through living/dining and into kitchen about 4,000 times while simultaneously pushing the cart and laughing hysterically. She's quite the multi-tasker already.
She gets that from me. 


Yes, she is gifted. I kid. But wow, this little box provides me with at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted peace some days. She will pull every one out of the box, stuff them in her pockets, put them all back and start again.
Crazy fun I tell ya.

The Doll
The Carolle doll to be exact. The sweetest, perfect-sized, best smelling baby doll in the history of baby dolls. These dolls are so well made; don't even get me started on the available accessories. Isabella still has hers and she is just as beautiful all these years later.

What are your little one's playing with these days? Please share!
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of K & Co. All opinions expressed are strictly my own.


  1. My little girl, turned 2 last month, and she loves her ball, shopping cart, and her babies. Its so cute to see her playing with these things. Love all the cute pictures.

  2. haha...ok...so we should arrange a marriage between Jude and Ava...they are alike in this area.

    I swear Jude doesn't like toys. He just had a birthday after his party I found him in his room not playing with he new stuff but playing with 10 plastic cups from the party...stacking them up and throwing a ball at it :)

    he likes playdoh...it is messy but he does like that...

  3. Luke is all about the ball...like Ava, any ball will do, but usually the bigger, the better. And trucks or cars. He has to have one in each hand just in case a race should present itself, he'll have two contenders. And Emily, well, she's 4 so it's all about being a mommy. Barbies, dolls, anything that looks like a baby.

  4. Well the ball is a big hit at our house too...mine have grown out of the others---well the SHOPPING CART--NOW THE REAL THING they like to fill up at the market =)

    Its so amazing to see the wonders of a child---like finding something NEW every day JUST JOY!!!

  5. Great post! My 15-month-old is now all about whatever ball he can get his hands on. My 4-year-old daughter loves dolls... and loves taking care of all of them. It's so much fun to watch them develop... to see their little personalities start to come alive! :)

  6. My boys love their balls - it was their first word besides mama and dada. They also love their books. I got my boys to sit for atleast 20 mins and play with play dough the other day - it was great!

  7. Mine is into Legos which is pretty awesome in the middle of the night...wanna talk about flesh wounds?

  8. Gosh... I can remember it being yesterday that Calley herself was only interested in her babies, grocery cart etc... however.. today it is books, books and more books.

  9. I love it when little toddlers push shopping carts around... it is just so very cute!! :) Glad you found the perfect baby doll!!

    It's all about Legos, Nerf Guns, and getting their socks extremely muddy in "the forest" around these parts. :)

  10. The perfect baby doll can be hard to find. My two year old loves any type of ball. Rugby, soccer, baseball they are ALL over our house.


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