Ava Grace's Closet: A Long Overdue Coffee Date
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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

A Long Overdue Coffee Date

Well, well, well.
It certainly has been some time since we last sat down for coffee. 

Life has a funny way of getting in the way and suddenly, it's been months. I miss this space. And while not as many may stop to read anymore, there is nothing I love more than looking back at the yearly letters to my children, the outfit posts from way back and yes, our previous coffee dates.

I'm wearing a cozy cardigan on this rainy June day. Also, who ordered all of this rain in J U N E?

At long last, I think the pandemic has run it's course here in Ontario. 
Things are almost back to normal or at very least, as normal as they have been in a long time.

Isabella. 23 and about to embark on an incredible European vacation next month. We've not travelled since the pandemic started so this is even more special.
She has a full time job she loves and is slowly building her resume. She also recently opened a small vintage clothing shop online which has become not only her creative outlet but a great way for her to learn all that goes into making your side hustle successful.
She is my go to. My constant sounding board. My favourite shopping partner. And she makes me increasingly proud each day. 

Julian is 20. T W E N T Y. I can't even.
He is super tall and slim and likes to shave his head whenever the mood hits him. He wears eyeglasses now and looks like he should be in a band. I call him Moby these days. (yes he had to look that up)
We've been dealing with some ongoing tummy issues that have been ridiculously exhausting as we hunt for answers. But we are getting there.
He is still passionate about all things computers. Has the biggest heart. And is always checking in on me.
Love isn't a strong enough word for how I feel about my boy. 

Ava is back to regular activities, including starting soccer (!) which she loves. It's no easy feat managing all of the schedules solo but we're surviving. And my girl is thriving.
She loves school, shopping and Stranger Things. Not necessarily in that order.
The new season launched last week and though she swore she wanted to get through it slowly ~ that quickly went out the window. She was officially done the next day. 

Not sure if I should be shocked or proud.

Oh! And someone got braces. (you have never met a child THIS excited to get braces)

Me? Sigh. 
I work. A lot.
I love doing it from home so I can juggle all of my other responsibilities. It was a welcome change and I cannot understand everyone's hurry to get back into an office environment.
I celebrated 50. 51. And then 52 (gasp!).
I have a circle of people I love and care about around me ~ and though smaller, it feels so good to know that each of them would help me a bury a body in the middle of the night if called upon. I kid. 
Life is good my friends. Life is good. 


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