Ava Grace's Closet: On Mother's Day
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Monday, May 9, 2016

On Mother's Day

I was never the type of girl who thought about her wedding day.
Planned out every last detail about married life.
Wished for children and imagined what that life would be like.
But, as soon as was married, it was the first thing I wanted to do.

When I had Isabella, it was far and away the very best thing that had ever happened to me.
They laid her on my chest and the feeling of pure love was and is one that has no true description.
She was the light in my life and brought me so much joy each day.
It felt like I got to see the world through new eyes.
Our children have a way of doing that for us; if we would just stop and let them.

Julian was born three and a half years later and literally rocked my world.
To say I loved this child was an understatement.
I had a indent on my right side from carrying him around day and night.
We were literally, attached at the hip.
I could die happily.

And then, so many years later, the one that completed our little family came.
She was unannounced.
But make no mistake, she is MEANT to be here.
I know in my heart that she will do great things.
Whatever those things may be.

This Mother's Day, I reflect on my greatest accomplishments.
I did good.

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1 comment :

  1. Dearest Susan,
    Happy belated Mother's Day but it should be like that year round and I bet it is in your household.
    You are almost an exact copy of your sweet Mom and act like the same Mama Bear to you precious children.
    Indeed, your Mama lived a tough life but maybe the good part of it was that they were both still very young and could handle a lot. She is in no way a person that looks or acts old; contrary!
    You look so happy and stylish.
    Big hugs,


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