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Monday, July 28, 2014

Ready for Back to School with coupons.com

I still remember the last days of summer vacation, those leading up to Back to School.
Days were filled with making sure I had everything I needed to start the year off right.
Fresh sheets of paper, brand new binders, pens and pencils.
And of course, new clothes.
One outfit always chosen as the favourite and the one to wear on the FIRST DAY.

Back to School - Toddler
owl tee / jacket / jeans / sunglasses / backpack / toms
Here is what ms. Ava Grace might be wearing.

Be sure to check coupons.com back to school sales for offers at all of the retailers whose items are highlighted above including The Children's Place, Old Navy, Carter's, The Gap and of course, Tom's.
Ava owns the pair above in pink. 
Find their coupon here to save 20% when you buy 2 or more items.

Be sure to enter to win in the Back to School Sweepstakes at coupons.com which runs through July 31st.
Good Luck to all who enter! 

How do you get your kids ready for back to school?

this post was sponsored by coupons.com All opinions are strictly my own.


  1. Susan, your little doll will look so adorable in that outfit. I remember my daughter's excitement of finally deciding what special outfit would be worn the first day of school. I have pictures of my granddaughters on their first day each year, sporting that special outfit that gave them the confidence to face a new grade. With uniforms being required now in so many schools, many little girls don't ever know of that thrill. However, after the first day, uniforms would have been a real blessing!

  2. You found the CUTEST stuff for Ava!! My girls and I just went school shopping yesterday. I am not sure if I should cry or be excited for them. Why can't summer last forever?!? Thanks for sharing about the coupons.com giveaway! xoxo

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  4. gawd, my son did NOT want to go to school today (first day). i usually start talking about the transition a week or two before, giving warnings that we wont be using the ipad/computer (games) on school days, sleeping on time, etc....hoping he has a great day today and will be excited to go back next week.
    i just bought him a bunch of stuff from target...shorts and a few tees. my daughter is easy - she wears uniforms, so she gets new shoes every year.


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