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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Personal Goal Setting

Last year, at the beginning of the year, I set a few goals for myself {read the entire post here} + for some reason, looked back on it a few weeks ago. 
I was saddened to see that really, I had not achieved much of what I had hoped to. 
Here is my original list:
Get to New York. Visit the 911 memorial.
Spend an extended vacation in Florida again.
Drink more water. 
Get Ava into a preschool program a few mornings a week.
Organize my photos. Back them up. Ditto our videos.
Eat healthier. Less sugar is my main goal starting with my morning coffee.
Set new goals for this little blog.
Take a photography course.
Practice yoga.
Say a final farewell to diet coke. 

So...what did this girl actually do?
Well, sadly, I didn't get to New York. Big sigh. But, I did spend 5 weeks in Florida with the kids again this past summer. 
My daily water consumption was still nowhere near where it should be. I'm currently doing a wall sit {ouch} / water challenge with a group on Facebook and really trying hard to up my intake. 
{drinks a huge gulp of water}
Ava is in preschool! 
As far as photos go? I've organized all of the ones stored on my desktop and did do one back up to an external hard drive. Need to do that again. Videos? I still have a bunch to convert to disc. #procrastinator
I definitely DID NOT eat healthier or cut out sugar in my coffee. I've already completed a cleanse this year + since then gone back to adding sugar. I just can't drink it otherwise. I also can't give up coffee. It is my one vice. And I love it so. 
Blog goals. Done! 
No photography course happened. Yoga started + finished. #quitter #namastenomore
And diet coke? I actually did bid you adieu. 
I never buy it anymore unless it's for an event and try to never have it myself unless I'm at a restaurant. 

It's funny really. 
When you have a "real job" you are goal-setting all.the.time.
And held accountable for said goals.
But being at home? Not so much. 
Daily goals, absolutely.
Groceries, check. Laundry, check. Kids to karate, check
But, what about the larger "just for me" goals?
How do YOU hold YOURSELF accountable for YOU?

Late last year and again this year, I started to use a monthly planner to keep track of all of my appointments as well as all things blogging. A written one at that.
Sponsored posts, features, all of it is there organized in black + white. 
It really helps me function and keeps me accountable for, well, me.
Do I still forget to say, book Isabella's piano exam that was supposed to be booked by March 5th? Absolutely.
And do I schedule yoga, a facial, a pedicure or girl time?
Not nearly as much as I should. 
But it's a start.
This year, I likely won't get to New York but I am going to Croatia. Trying to do more of what scares me and holding back less. 
My goals for my blog are set and some have already come to fruition. Like this series. 
I  plan to get back into yoga now that the weather seems to finally be warming up.
I also want to read at least one, ONE book a month.
And, I promise, to me, to you and to my brother who may or may not have bought me said external hard drive to back up those photos. 
And my blog. 
Now, can someone pass me a diet coke? 
I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

What are your goals for the coming months?
I'm thinking this might be a pretty good place to start. 

you can also find me at Brazen Woman today talking all things Radiant Orchid


  1. This post really got me thinking. I certainly need to spend more time on me, especially relaxing and working out. I also need to work on sleeping better and sounder. Than there is the blog- I have SO many dreams for it!!
    xo Emma

    1. You and me both Emma! Especially the working out part. And sleep. If there were no netflix, I might do better there!

  2. I have big goals for my blog and business this year... personal ones? They've kind of gone by the wayside. Maybe this post is my sign that I should sit down and take a look at that!

    1. I'm hoping this post helped! I feel the same way.

  3. Great goals. I wish I had the self control to give up diet coke. It's my one vice really.

    1. SO hard. I still crave it. I have put it into my cart and then taken it out. Truth.

  4. Hi !!! You have a lovely blog!!
    would you like to follow each other on GFC,Twitter and Bloglovin??
    do let me know on my blog,follow me,and i will follow you back.
    stay in touch

  5. I need to rewind to the NY & see the big major fails I've had with my resolutions & get back to working on them all! Thanx for the kick up the butt Girlfriend! <3 Ax

  6. Oh mon ami ... this post is so what I needed to read today ! My blog is at sort of a cross roads --- I guess that is reflective of where I'm at myself. We so need to plan a catch up coffee (no sugar) girlfriend time. When are you going to Croatia ???? That is fabulous!! My goals for the coming months is to continue with my Energy Healing (Chakra, Reiki , Mediation) personal practice - and setting up a holistic room in my home to practice what I've learn on family and friends ... and figure out a new career direction. Oh and have some fun along the way... hugs C. (HHL)

  7. Dearest Susan,
    Oh, plans, plans and plans... It is tough to work them all in as life is taking such a different course, or the weather, or some family member being sich or whatever.
    We are looking forward to a more one-on-one relationship with more time to walk, bike, or garden together. There have been so many years of projects since 2004 when we both quit our jobs as international consultants. Funny, before we traveled and worked together and than we barely found the time to spend time together. But the projects are done and tomorrow we will get our new Internet Dish installed so when my Internet is stable and on (I HOPE!) I can do my blog and visiting in a lot less time. It has been so frustrating and only last week we learned that our subdivision is quite an overload to the station we're connected to. No fiber optic available for us here, only in the city... So we opt for this solution and want to do away with our land line et all. Paying for Fast Access Xtreme and getting such bad or non-working connection is awful.
    Oh, I did manage to scan all our slides last year while Pieter did those back breaking water projects. But there are still lots of photos and also videos. Can you tell me how a person can possibly find the time to do ALL that?
    Drinking plenty of water is the best we can do; I also have to constantly add more for my chronic kidney disease... Prevention makes even more sense and about sugar, well till we get the verdict for being diabetes type 2, we never gave it much thought. But diabetes can damage the kidneys too... Hindsight I wish I had given it up before 2007. Maybe that will help you cut down for keeping in mind where we're heading towards.
    Hugs and enjoy the pre-Croatia travel planning!


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