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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beauty Must-Trys

Lately, I've been sent, asked to try or come across SO many great new.to.me beauty products.
I love to catch up on the fall editions of all of my favorite magazines to see the new drool worthy clothing but also for all of the fabulous fragrance + beauty ads and new product offerings.
Spring + Fall are the times I find I most enjoy changing up my usual routine and/or trying out new products.

Beauty Must-Trys

1. I know it's odd to see a tinted moisturizer for the fall but I just had to share this! I picked up Sonia Kashuk's radiant tinted moisturizer at Target {find it here // I purchased "beige"} this summer and am just loving it. It does NOT provide a ton of coverage but gives you some sheer cover along with a nice glow + at a fraction of what my old favorite by Laura Mercier cost. I use it on days when I want to look polished but don't want to do a full make up. {read: drop off + pick up/coffee run}

2. If you're like me, you are forever buying lip glosses in search of "the one". My very favorite gloss {"dewy jube" lip gelee by M.A.C.} was discontinued and hence, my search is never-ending. This summer, I was stocking up on Bare Minerals products at their outlet in Florida and saw this one. Know that I very much dislike their "moxie gloss" {for the scent alone} so I was not easily swayed. This all-natural gloss goes on beautifully, lasts and has NO odor. I purchased the "rose" to replace an old gloss shade that I adored. It's not identical but similar enough that I am enjoying it.

3. An ex-work colleague recently entered the world of Arbonne. I hadn't previously known much about their products but after trialing the entire RE9 anti-aging line for just under 10 days + reading up on everything I could find; I feel like a wee bit of an expert now. 
I must say, I quite enjoyed the products minus the cleanser which lathers less than I enjoy. {and yes, I know this is a good thing + based on lack of foaming agents but this girl likes a good lather!} Now, onto this serum...fantastic! And, it claims to give you the "arbonne glow". 
Now, I don't know about this glow they speak of but I will admit, I was stopped twice while using the products and asked about my routine. 
Coincidence? Maybe. 
I also really liked the night and day creams and had no reaction to them which is huge for me. 

4. Ah, cream blush. Let me count the ways in which I love you.
More so in the colder months so when I spotted this one by Top Shop {shade is "flush"} I had to give it a go for the cute packaging alone!. 
It gives you, well, a "flushed" look + I love that. As for longevity, it is quite similar to others I have tried. No complaints.
Note that a little goes a LONG way. Too much and boom, you look like a real live china doll. Not in a good way. 

5. My friend Michelle {aka the Sephora addict} sent me a few samples recently including some of this one, Make Up Forever's HD foundation {mine is shade #127}. 
Love, Love, LOVE! 
Definitely the foundation I will be using this fall/winter. 
I wore it out to an event recently and the coverage is just unbelievable. Truly flawless + has the bonus of not looking "made up".
Can't say enough about this one.
I also noticed on their website that there is an "HD kit" available which includes this product as well as a few brushes and what looks like a primer. Plan to check that out as well.

6. This is what was in the other sample that she graciously sent over. 
I say graciously as after trying this mask, I am not sure that I would have shared.
GlamGlow is getting a ton of amazing press right now and is being touted as a "celebrity must-have". It's not cheap.
That said, it actually works and you can {unattractive as it may be} "see" it pulling dirt and oil out of your skin. Some people experience a slight tingling, I did not.
But my complexion looked and felt cleaner than it ever has when I was done. And my husband {yes, of course I made him try it} swears the blackheads on his nose have all but disappeared!
There are 2 variations of the mask, one that is anti-aging and one that is deep-cleansing. 
I want both. 
Do yourself a favor and get to Sephora asap to grab a sample.
Worth it for the entertainment value alone. 

7. If you follow me on instagram, you might have already seen my praise for this little gem; Benefit's Instant Brow. I saw an ad for it in the current issue of In Style + quickly dogeared the page. I picked it up the next day and have not gone a day without using it since.
It is so easy to use, the shade {I chose the darker of the two} is very natural + it stays put. 
As I'm aging, I find it harder and harder to grow my eyebrows in. Ugh. This helps make it look as though I have more than I actually do. 
Oh, and if you're NOT following me on instagram, you really should. Find me here

8. And last, but not least, my new favorite red "igniting love" {who come's up with these names?} by China Glaze. I am already starting to panic at the thought of not being able to find more of this shade since I picked it up at TJ Maxx.
It is the prettiest cross of red and orange {though NOT coral} that I have ever come across.
And as such, it's been on and off and back on my nails for the past 2 months. 
Bonus points for minimal chipping. 

I'm excited about the new fall makeup trends including the darker oxblood lip and the all natural nail which I have always loved the look of.
It's always such an exciting season for fashion.

Any looks or products you are loving that I should know about?
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  1. I tried out the Glam Glow mask from a few samples I received and became totally obsessed! It's definitely a must try! Great picks!!

  2. Ooh, that Glam Glow - I so want to try it!

  3. I cannot get on the cream blush train! Maybe I just need practice to apply, but it always seems blotchy to me! Great picks though!

    Hope your well! We should definitely chat soon!

  4. oh gosh...my skin is crawling at the thought of those pore strips that popped into my mind! but that glam glow sounds like a great product...will look into it.

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  5. I love the China Glaze polish colour, I've been looking for an orange/red but more on the red side for fall

  6. I'd love to try the Make Up Forever's HD foundation !

  7. I'm using cream blush too coz I love its staying power. I also read raves about the Make Up Forever's HD foundation!

  8. Ok, my fave is that nail polish! Just the type of shade I love and China Glaze is a great brand too!

  9. This looks amazing..Red nail polish is my fav color!
    Will try them soon.


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