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Monday, October 1, 2012

A Coffee Date

It's been far too long since we got caught up over coffee. 

If we got the chance to sit down I might tell you that Izzy is in high school. Did I mention that already? HIGH.SCHOOL. I still can't believe it. She is adjusting well and we are so proud of her. She is a sleeper so getting used to the new earlier schedule has been tough on her, but, she's getting there. On the weekends, I basically tiptoe around the house and make sure everyone else does as well so that she can play catch up. 
I would tell you that I am working on a super fun project for this organization and spent most of the weekend getting things completed. It was a great chance to get the creative juices flowing and share some quality time with my favorite assistant, who also happens to be the kid who was trying to catch up on her beauty sleep.
I can hardly wait to share! 

I am in the midst of toilet training Ms. Ava. Know that this would be the first time that I have actually done it all on my own as the other two were in daycare at this age and were basically trained there. Let me tell you, it's not as easy as I thought it would be. I figured that since she was a non-sleeper, I might get a break here. Yeah, no such luck.
I've made what I think is a bit of progress when I leave her au naturel. Put undies on, regardless of how cute those little Strawberry Shortcake's are, and she just thinks it's a new kind of diaper. And then, she pees. 
I have been doing a wee bit of shopping. The change of season will make you do that. I can't imagine living where it is always warm...how could one go without buying boots? Speaking of which, I picked up the cutest pair at Zara last week. If you are looking, definitely worth a peek. It was hard to keep it to just one pair. So go. Now. 

I have a new obsession. Remember my Draw Something craziness? Well, although I still dabble, I have moved on. Now, I can't stop playing Words with Friends. 
I think I'm a little late to this parade but I just love it. Definitely the crossword puzzle lover in me.
Have you tried?

My boy is changing. I can't quite put my finger on it but there's something different about him. He came home one day last week and told me that he's started playing soccer during recess at school. If you knew Julian, you would know that this is new for him. And big.
He then went on to tell me that he scored a goal. And? He told me he thinks he might be pretty good.
I wanted to cry. 
I would tell you that I feel busier now that I am at home than I ever did when I was working full time. What is that? I'm not sure if it's just that I keep myself busy or if having a third child has just pushed everything into overdrive. Between music, karate, dance, play dates, entertaining, cleaning, laundry and shopping, I feel like I never stop.
And I kinda love it. Minus the cleaning and laundry part. 
That not so much.

Best thing that's happened since we last met? One of my favorite bloggy friends, Celia, came for an actual "in person" coffee date. I made a pumpkin chai bread from this blog that was out of this world. So perfect with coffee. You MUST try it! 
It is not often that you meet someone who completely inspires you. Celia does that for me. She is a truly incredible person who has risen above all kinds of odds. I wish I could be half the person she is and am truly blessed to have met her. 

It's October when did that happen1st . And since we're talking coffee, I must say I love nothing more at this time of year than a nice pumpkin latte from Starbucks. Especially in the evening after dinner. And most especially when it includes a little girl time.
I had a little of that on Friday evening and am still feeling like I just didn't.stop.talking. Being at home with a toddler all day will do that to you.
Can I just get an amen for girlfriends?
Happy Monday friends.


  1. awww... you are such a wonderful friend. Your words touch my heart and my eyes did tear.

    Those Mommy T-shirts, priceless!! You are an amazing lady ... giving of yourself despite the full plate you already carry.

    YAY Julian!!! he is growing up mama... so happy for him. Ah Miss Ava, you are adorable... What is her favourite treat? Does she like smarties, jelly beans? ... Izzy, she knows the priorities .. a girl does need her sleep.

    I'm still salivating over your pumpkin loaf! It was just perfect and light!

    Wishing you a fabulous week! Hugs, C. (HHL)

  2. amen! I need some girl/mommy time myself too. good luck on potty training.

  3. Happy Fall Susan, glad the whole fam sounds like they are doing well, everything here is exactly as you remember it, the good and the bad :)
    xo K

  4. Amen! I don't envy you the potty training. That was me a year ago, except times two. Blech.

    And I'm obsessed with Words With Friends. I may just have to start up a game with you.:)

  5. oh I am and always will be a sleeper...tell ms. isabella(e?) i feel for her ;) !

    and I hope the potty training gets a little easier on you!

    and yes to living in warm weather all year long. I only tolerate a state with winter so I can have fall.

    I wanna meet real blogger friends! what fun!!!

  6. Another reference to Starbucks Pumpkin Latte. That's IT, I'm going to try it.

    I'm glad you got to meet your friend Celia. I just visited her blog and told her you're telling people how wonderful she is (and her garden work is amazing too!).

    And now I'm off to look at Zara's because I love boots, but have never heard of the store. :)

  7. Happy FALL! Words with friends is not my obsession. I tried it, but I anguished too much over each word. It took days to respond. I got frustrated first. Then bored. I love real life, face-to-face scrabble though :)

  8. Amen! I love coffee in the evening, too, and not so long ago I could even have caffeinated without it disturbing my night's sleep. What does that say about how much of it I was drinking!? Yikes.

    Thank you for your lovely words at TLL today, Susan. xo

  9. I love the story about Julian. There is so much truth to never saying never. Our kids are full of surprises. : )

  10. I had to crack up when I saw the Toy Story poster. Yes. I admit I'm kind of thankful the daycare handles most of the "potty training" for me. Hope it all goes well!

  11. This post makes me happy :)
    I'd be so proud of Julian too. It reminds me of my son trying hockey for the first time. It just makes your heart swell.
    Oh the potty training...nuff said.

  12. How fun to meet a blogger in real life! By the way, I love your blog, and don't let the Google stuff rule the day too much;) People count the most.

  13. I loved this post! I'm a stay at home mom and I'm so busy I have no idea how I'd have time to work out of the house!!

  14. So cool you got to meet a bloggy friend:) I almost had the chance last week while on vacation but things were a little crazy.
    Oh potty training SUCKS!!! I haven't started with Easton yet, he will be 3 in Dec so we need to get on that ASAP. After it taking forever with Cameron I am not looking forward to training another. He is interested and goes in the potty sometimes but boys are just so darn LAZY! I always think about what I would do if I had to work outside the home, I have no clue how I would do it. I would be a walking zombie!!!
    And YAY for Julian...the feeling you get as a proud mama is the best feeling ever. Hope your having a good week:))

  15. Have you tried m&m's? As in bribing her with them every time she goes potty? I've heard it works! Bubbs doesn't eat candy so we had to give him cars every time. That got really expensive really fast. He'd go potty and then dance around the house singing, "I want my present! I want my present!"

    Too bad we can't have a coffee date... one day, friend. One day.


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