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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Ms. Ava has decided that she wants nothing to do with her naps anymore.
What? Yup. For at least the last week and a half or so, she will do laps play in her crib for an hour but refuses to fall asleep.
She is obviously exhausted but fights it with every ounce of her little being.
Sleep + Ava has never been a good combo.

Isabella's grade 8 grad trip to Ottawa went super well! The actual graduation ceremony and dinner is this evening followed by a dance for the kids only.
She has tried on her dress 11,387,933 times. 
We think it's perfect.

Julian is literally counting down the days to the end of the school year. I let him stay home on Friday since let's face it, they're really done already aren't they? 
Not sure if that makes me a really bad mom or a really cool one.
I'm going with the latter.

We have all been completely slightly obsessed with the logo game available on iphone. The entire family (and any friend that enters our home) is involved. I have been known to stop mid-sentence, whip out my phone and say, "do you know what this is? how about this? does this look familiar at all?" 
Have you played?
If yes, there are a few logos I might like to run by you.

Someone has his blue advanced belt testing at karate this Friday. 
I must remember to bring a camera this time. 

There are days I wonder where I could possibly have fit a full-time job into our schedule. And yes, there are definitely days that are tough, but more and more I realize that I made the right decision to stay home.
3 kids is busy my friends. Especially when they are all at such different stages.
I can honestly say that I am enjoying each one of them more right now than I ever have.
We are leaving for vacation next week!
We can hardly wait to get away.

What are your summer plans?


  1. Wow, graduations and karate plus vacation! You are busy!! Your kids are all gorgeous. My oldest always, always refuses naps at home, and yet at the daycare he has no problem sleeping for 4 hours. I don't get it.

  2. I do think somedays it would be easier to work...lol.

    I am all for skip days :)

    Jude hasn't napped since the age of 2 1/2 ... it was rough at first but I got tired of fighting him to sleep! We have rest/movie time in the afternoon it helps with the crabby-ness and the bonus side to not napping...he goes to bed an hour earlier :)

    yeah for green belts and dances!!

    So will you have a high schooler next year?!

  3. I would say you are a cool mom!! Isabella is going to be the most elegant young lady at graduation ... What a fabulous time this is going to be for her..High school in September ...she is growing up! Julian will chop right through the qualifications and be advanced blue belt!! With two absolutely gorgeous sisters his training will keep them safe!!

    Awww little Ava ... sounds like the youngest fashionista is also growing up, she does not want to miss a thing. happy packing and what a wonderful time you will all have on your trip. A perfect way to ease into summer after a year of school... enjoy!! xo Hugs, C. (HHL)

  4. My little Luke is doing the same thing! I fought with him both days this past weekend to take his nap. On Saturday, he crept out of his room and played with his trucks at the top of the stairs where I later found him asleep.

    1. What is up with that?! I just want to sleep and these little ones fight it like it's the plague.

  5. Hang in there with the nap thing. That is tough. Have a wonderful vacation!!

  6. my little one refuses to take a nap too like for about 2 weeks now! no nap time = a haggard mama. Not good.

  7. I wish I had your problem. Mine continues to nap when she doesn't need it. She will sneak and nap and then stay up all night. It's all getting a bit exhausting! She just turned 2 and the energy at 11p is not cool.

    I totally agree with you regarding staying home. I have been home for 3 years and some days I feel like I would've rather sat on a conference call all day rather than be home with my children but in the end I know its the best decision!

    We just got back from vacation. Have fun!!

    1. It's a toss up isn't it? I do like the much earlier bedtime. Allows me to watch The Bachelorette or Real Housewives in peace. LOL!

  8. I think in the randomness there is true happy there.
    Minus the nap time :)
    I am struggling with what to do when Chase attends school this year. I'm not sure if I want to work, go to school, or create babies...kidding about the last part. I do enjoy being home...and my husband likes my cooking.

  9. Yeah my girl fights sleep tooth and nail too! -always has. Love seeing your adorable kiddos!

  10. I have not heard of this logo game! Please share details. And no sleep for Ava....ah, I feel for you sister. I would likely be pulling my hair out if I were in your shoes. Then again, you are momma extraodinaire! Keep us posted.

    1. Mama extraordinaire...eh, not so much.
      It is called the "logos quiz" and is a free app. You will get addicted...I warn you now.

  11. Dearest Susan,
    You have a very active and vibrant family. That is good, better this way than having some bored to death and passive kids... Can you imagine?
    Enjoy your upcoming events and than the vacation together.
    Love to you,

    1. Agreed!! I like them a little feisty....shows they have character. Thanks Mariette!

  12. no,no,no,no. nap time is absolutely necessary for our sanity.
    she can not give it up.have you tried bribing her?! :)
    are your kids really still in school? mine have been out
    for the last month.
    and i totally agree with you about your decision to stay at home..
    they will remember it and treasure it later in life as well :)
    have a wonderful vacation (i'm so jealous!)

    1. They are! Finally done today. NO MORE LUNCHES!!

  13. i have never heard of that logo game...what is it called?? cuz i love that stuff!

    we are going absolutely NOWHERE this summer!! i may take the kids for a staycation at a resort to make up for that!

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    1. Hey Beck. It's called the "logo quiz" I think. That is how the app comes up on my iphone. If you could let myself and Shannon above know how you do...I'm already addicted and she will be as soon as she loads it! Lol.


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