Ava Grace's Closet: Dear Ava...Now You're Two
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dear Ava...Now You're Two

Dear Ava,
Now you are two.
I love this age. I love how much you communicate, talking all.the.time. I sometimes don't understand what you're saying but we eventually get there.
You are so unbelievably loving and affectionate.And will randomly walk over to me in the middle of the day and kiss my knee. Or my hair. Or my toes.
But in the mornings most especially.
I hear you calling for me and the routine begins the same way every day. I scoop you up and bring you into bed. You love to be in just your diaper with the covers pulled up high.
We giggle. It's cuddle time.
Sometimes daddy comes into the room and I tell you to pretend to sleep.
And you say "I'm tired". And then make little snoring noises like I do when I pretend to sleep for you.

You love to be outside. 
And have no fear.
And oddly, you are never cold. Just like your big brother.
You know the way to the park and if for any reason anyone takes you for a walk in front of the house, you are running there immediately. 
You are no fool. You know where the good times are.
Headband - c/o Little Patootique 
Top - Baby Gap
Denim Skirt - Baby Gap
F'Uggs - AirWalk
We celebrated your second birthday here at home and ever since then, every time anyone brings a present or a cake into the house...you think it's for you. 
And you get ridiculously upset when we tell you otherwise.
 Know that everyone in your family with the exception of your big sister, celebrates a birthday within 3 weeks of yours. This called for tons of celebrations. And lots of opportunities for you to practice your candle blowing skills.
You are getting good!
It is crazy how much I love you. We all do.
You bring so much joy to our home.
I thank God for you little Ava.
You are my world.
your mama


  1. happy second birthday to Ava!! i love this age too. they are so amazingly fun!

    Lily just saw this post and said that she wants to play with Ava :)

  2. awwwwww super sweet!!!! I love morning snuggle time :) So funny about the birthdays!

  3. She is so adorable. I love this age too!

  4. awww Happy Happy birthday. She has so much hair. Mia continues to look crazy with hers. LOL

  5. Happy happy happy birthday, Ava!
    Great photos -- and letter -- Mom!

  6. happy Birthday Ava! Two is the most fabulous fun ever!

  7. Such a beautiful letter to your daughter! Ava is such an adorable little girl! I know people call it the terrible two's, but I wouldn't trade a moment of time spent with my toddling two-year-old boys. Now all they do is mope--teenagers ;)

  8. Dearest Susan,

    She will treasure this letter one day and it is so well jotted down, straight from the heart. You have a way with words, well, with almost everything you touch!
    Enjoy this stage as it will be gone before we know...
    Love to you,


  9. Adorable!!!! Seriously tugged my heartstrings here as you know I'm about to lose it in less than two weeks when Zion turns 2!! How quickly they grow! XO Courtney

  10. Adore that outfit and curly hair! Happy Birthday to Ava!

  11. awww, ours just turned a couple of weeks ago too. Ava is such a beauty :) This is such a nice and tender age!

    Spanish Pinay

  12. Love that last shot! What a sweet letter! My Avery is two as well, and it really is such a fun age!

  13. I love this sweet letter!! And I love cuddle time. I will be in despair when my 6 year old doesn't want to cuddle anymore!

  14. oh my goodness she is wayyy too cute! <3
    I really like your blog - would you like to follow each other?

  15. Great photos! and your words to Ava beautiful! ... She is a fashionista and an beautiful little princess. xo C. (HHL)


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