Ava Grace's Closet: Self Portrait Challenge
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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Self Portrait Challenge

Chelsey at The Papermama is hosting a self portrait challenge.
Thought I would play along.
Here's me, up close and personal and not hiding behind all kinds of hair.
Obsessing over…
French themed everything. Yes, still.
J Brand skinnies. Loving them and wondering why I waited so long to pick up a pair?

Working on…
Getting the "Shop Our Closet" section of the blog up and running. It's taking longer than I hoped.
Thinking about…
Highschool. And when exactly my first grew up so fast that I actually have to think about highschool at all.
Big news on Monday regarding whether or not Isabella will be accepted into the arts program she auditioned for last week. Wish her luck!
Listening to…
Madonnas latest. I am liking it. Then again, I might like just about anything she comes up with. Always current and fresh.
Today? Wayyyy too much of my homemade chocolate pudding.
Always? Far too many carbs.
I was on a beach. I could really use some sun.
And more sleep.
Not so new.

P.S. Our little LOVEnotes giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight! Enter here.


  1. Gorgeous pic! Good luck to Isabella! Good for her for putting herself out there.

  2. Stop being ridiculously gorgeous.
    don't do that.
    I'm sending all the luck to Isabella!!

  3. Loved this post. I told you those J Brand skinnies are the best thing to EVER happen to my jean closet....not so much my budget because I want a pair in every single color and pretty much refuse to wear any other pair at this point. They are SO flattering! Happy weekend friend:)

    1. You are SO right! Truth be told, I am washing and wearing. Must get another color stat.

  4. Great picture....you always look beautiful! love it! I hate taking self portraits.Good Luck to Isabella!

  5. Gorgeous. You have stunning eyes. What lipstick to you wear?

    Hope Isabella makes it into her program!! :)

    1. Thanks Linda!
      This one is by MAC and it is called "blankety". Very versatile.

  6. Great post!! You take great photos ... Your eyes are gorgeous ..I want to know what you use for skincare .. you have beautiful skin!! ... Paris, say no more!!lol... Ok I'm going to have to try these jeans ...
    Oh la la ... the "Shop Our Closet" sounds great can't wait for you to get it up and going.

    Isabella is going to get into the program! I just know it!!! ... wishing you a fabulous day my friend. xo Blessings ..HHL

  7. I wish I could have some sun, too! Sooo ready for Spring and Summer weather. Great close-up photo! :0


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