Ava Grace's Closet: In.Spired Series ~ Chasing Twins in Louboutins
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In.Spired Series ~ Chasing Twins in Louboutins


  1. Of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse.
  2. (of a person) Exhibiting such a creative impulse in the activity specified: "an inspired gardener".
The blogging community is full of so many incredible women. Women who are far more creative than I. And have amazing stories to share. 
This is one of them.

Welcome one of my very favorite {and among the first I ever started to read} mommy bloggers Amanda, from Chasing Twins in Louboutins. 
She had me at Louboutins.

Hello all!! I'm Amanda from Chasing Twins in Louboutins - I'm a mama of 2 ridiculously hilarious 3 year old twins and also head over heels with anything clothing/shoe/accessory related. 
{I promise I am not a superficial cow.}
Here I am looking motherly, free spirited, and slightly serious all at once. 

I am the proud owner of not one, but two esty shops. I started Jumeaux Vintage this summer and in this lovely little vintage nook I sell vintage clothing and accessories.
As I said, I love fashion and truly, vintage has so much personality. I love everything about throwing on an awesome vintage piece- be it clothing, jewelry, etc. It is well made and though I am super guilty of buying from places like Forever21, it really puts those companies to shame. 
Right now in the shop, this slip is most definitely my favorite item-
It is so feminine and just downright pretty!

Recently, I just opened my second shop on etsy, Le Petit Refuge Bath and Body Products

This shop started completely out of the blue on a whim of "I'm going to have some wine and Motrin to help with this sinus infection." Suddenly, I had purchased all necessary ingredients, packaging, and created my labels. No lie, this is a true story. 
 Once everything came in I dove head first and fell.in.love.
My products are all natural and a lot are vegan friendly. The less the ingredient list, the more I love it!
I also had this "A-Ha" moment of candle making when I decided to pour my soy wax into vintage glass dishes like this one-

My kitchen tends to smell amazing all the time and every time I open the dishwasher, gorgeous spa-like fragrances waft out at me. Also, my shower is overflowing with samples and trials and my daughter has become obsessed with lotions.
I do not consider myself to be a "crunchy" person, but there is something so amazing about making something for your skin from scratch. I have found that my body cream actually works wonders on my "winter" face. I also have found such odd joy in taking the same 5 or 6 ingredients and creating 2 completely different lotions from it.
My body butter is almost solid until you take a bit out and it instantly melts on your skin. And the body cream is a deliciously perfect whipped blend of yum.

Currently, I am so happily overwhelmed and busy. My kids have become such great sports about letting me work in the kitchen to make orders. I really never thought they would be so willing to entertain themselves, even for short spurts of time. And truly, I love the feeling of contributing to my household. We recently moved and are still waiting for our other house to sell....yeah, I just said that. You can imagine the stress. Yes, the start up is a happy chunk of change, but I am beyond blessed and lucky with the results I have been seeing. It is such a personal win I cannot even begin to describe.

I love being pampered and the fact that I am helping to pamper others is super awesome. 

Ladies, I have personally tried Amanda's body products and am in L-O-V-E. The sugar body cubes? So good. 
Almost edible too. At least I'm telling myself that.
Thanks for being here Amanda! Be sure to visit her fabulous, fashionable and fun blog here


  1. Susan .. I'm so loving these posts! You have introduced us to another fabulous lady! and yes her blog title is wonderful. I'm going to check out her blog now... wishing you a fabulous day! xo HHL

    1. Thanks Celia! I'm sure you will enjoy her blog.

    2. i kind of LOVE her blog name haha! heading over to check it out!

  2. Oh my, just spent half my morning browsing these two lovely shops! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh I love Amanda! Thanks for letting her guest post today!

  4. wow,i have checked her blog before she seems to live a glam life. super mom indeed. i don't have any small children and yet i can't make my own candle? i will make my first DIY lemon scrub, promise!


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