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Thursday, January 19, 2012

What That Baby Wore : Everything old is New again

Ava wore this dress for lunch on New Year's Day.
My brother-in-law thought it looked not unlike a dress from long ago.
I agree.
Even though it's current, it has a certain vintage vibe to it.
Someone's getting her back teeth.
And was featured on The Baby Blackbird's Mini Street Style last week.
Brandy writes a lovely kid's style blog. And is a fellow Canadian.
Love. And love.

On Ava:
Dress - Baby Gap


  1. beautiful as always! I love seeing her over on baby blackbird ;)

  2. I love the look of the dress and Ava looks stunning! She looked tres cute over at baby Blackbird ...all bundled up for the winter cold. Happy Thursday!! xo HHL

  3. hold the phone! Are here ears pierced!?? SOOOOO cute...I really want to get Elisabeth pierced but the thought is really really hard for her dad to handle...so I will wait a year or so :)

  4. I must agree. That is a classic dress on a little wee one such as Ava! It's so adorable on her! And I'll say it again, she looks adorable in everything!!! :)

  5. Yes, that really is a cute dress! And it looks adorable on her!

  6. those eyes, I cannot get over her gorgeous eyes!

  7. Oh melt my heart.
    She is such a doll.


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