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Friday, December 16, 2011


Some random going's-on for you this 8 days before it's Christmas Friday.

Julian lost his $1000+ retainer. We have looked everywhere. The school has done the same. It is nowhere to be found. Seriously though, who thinks it's a good idea to give a removable retainer to a nine year old boy? Quite honestly, I'm surprised it lasted this long.
The good news is, it is now being replaced at minimal cost to us.
Julian says we can take it out of his Christmas money.
Ava is fighting the sleep again. Tell me this is normal with a soon-to-be 21 month old. I don't remember. That's what I get for having a baby 9 years after the last.
She fights to go down. There may be some screaming. Sometimes on and off for a couple of hours. And sometimes, she tricks us by being quiet for half an hour so we think she's asleep and then waking up and screaming againShe is also getting up at least once per night and demanding milk. 
Growth spurt? Please agree with me. 

We got my mom a new kitten for Christmas. Her name is Lily. I am ridiculously jealous and have taken to visiting her every day. and pretending she's mine.

I am officially done my Christmas shopping. Although I always tend to keep shopping. Keep feeling like I missed something. Or someone. 

It is raining. A lot. It is December. And I live in Canada. And no, not in Vancouver. 

Due to said rain I've decided I want a pair of red Hunter rain.boots for Christmas. Since they'll be practical and all. 
 Isabella is an angel. And her feet are now officially as big as mine. so we could share the boots Santa.
That is all.

*all images courtesy of Pinterest*


  1. Yes, the random sleepless in normal. Hang in there. Just to make you feel better, our just turned 4 year old still wakes up once a night. Neither of our other kids did that. I'm dying. And yes, it it only practical for you to get the new boots. I am thinking Santa needs to do a special delivery for you. I love that you son said you could take the money out of his Christmas money. Not many kids would say that. You are raising him well.

  2. first love the boots! Second my dog used to eat my retainer...so gross...lol!? Last the sleeping thing yuck! I have some good sleeping tips...I will email you ;)

  3. Love the red boots! I want a pair, too! How awesome that you are getting a retainer replacement at lower cost. A sigh of relief.

    Congrats on being done with your shopping! I envy you.


  4. too funny! my friday random things contained rainboots too! except, i totally scored a pair. yay!

    between the boots and the fact that i too have an ava, i think we're like, twins. right? that's all it takes, right?

    (visiting from e's linkup)

  5. my boys go through random sleep patterns too. Its annoying but normal I guess!

  6. yay to find another canadian through e-tells-tales! love the red hunters... i have them in navy, yeah rain in december is nuts and like you... i always feel like i've forgotten something or someone.

  7. LOVE hunter red boots especially in red... thats the color i want. i have a yellow pair (not hunter) that i love but red was the other color i wanted. i actually like when it rains here because i get to wear them ;)

  8. Those are the very same boots I have my eye on!

  9. oh no! Yeah a retainer is such a big responsibility at that age! I remember always being so worried about mine and I was in 7th grade! Aw poor baby..I hope she gets to sleeping more soon! :) Love those boots! if only it ever rained here!

  10. My Sadie-bug is often up in the middle of the night these days (and she's going on 3 now). My other two never really did that. Just when I think I've got this mothering thing figured out...

  11. Yep, sleep fighting is normal at this age. Not fun for us though. I hope you had a great weekend!

  12. i'm craving hunters. mmhmmm!!



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