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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mirror Image

Little Miss has been somewhat obsessed with the mirror as of late.
I could watch her for hours.
Dress - Blue Moon by David Charles London {circa 2000}
it originally belonged to another curly-haired cutie aka her big sister
She will periodically turn away. Look down.
Testing to see whether or not that baby will still be there.
 She always is.

The perfect playmate.


  1. haha...so is my daughter! I find her in the bathroom "doing her hair" so funny...I am in for a treat come the teenage years :)

  2. too cute! i remember when Lily was going through the mirror stage. she would admire herself from afar and then get real close and kiss herself on the mirror. lol

  3. Those pictures are priceless. I love her expressions..so cute!

  4. So sweet :) I love her dress and gorgeous wood floors!!

  5. the mirror, almost as intriguing as her own shadow. so cute!

  6. Look at those curls! Oh my! My middle girl could stare at herself forever too :) It used to tickle me to watch her make faces and laugh. Fun times!

  7. Precious!! Just yesterday a friend (who is expecting her second daughter) was sharing with me how her first daughter would play for 1/2 hour in front of mirror .. with the "other" little girl... the wonderful blessing of watching little ones at play! xo HHL

  8. my daughter turns into a different person as soon as she gets one of my rings on her finger and bracelets. she loves to talk gibberish in the mirror and sashay her arms around to hear the bracelets clinking :) i just love it when they do this :)

  9. love those ringlets. little beauty

  10. My girl Stella is at a similar stage, but with the iPad. I made the mistake of showing her how the camera works, and now she is demanding that I turn it on for her so that she can wave, and do peek-a-boo with herself, and dance smile. Okay, so it IS a bit cute when she points to the iPad and says del-la! and signs "baby". I die a little bit. Oh this toddler age. I'm in love.
    (PS Im totally late commenting on my small style friends. It's been a manic week)


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