Ava Grace's Closet: Bringing Home Baby
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Bringing Home Baby

A friend of mine had her second baby today! Another girl. I'm so excited for her, I swear I feel like it's me. 
I had terrible pregnancies.
Lots of nausea, in a couple of cases short-term leaves from work. 
In all cases, I was on medication throughout.
But all of that aside -- I LOVE having babies.
Especially the "in the hospital" part. Delivery, the quiet moments afterwards, the visits. all.of.it.

We brought our Ava Grace home after just one night in hospital.
I packed a "going home" outfit for both the baby and me.
And in the end, after a multitude of tests and waiting for the go ahead ~ it got so late, I went home in pj's and Uggs. Ava went home in a sleeper.
So much for planning. 

The older ones were still up and waiting.
I never had a younger sibling so I can't imagine what that must have felt like.
But I would think it was can't sleep exciting.
We brought the baby in all bundled in her car seat, put her down in the foyer and all kind of stared at her for a bit.
It's weird how even after 3 babies, there is still a moment of "now what do we do?".
My mother-in-law went home.
And then it was just us.
She took over our bed that first evening. and for many nights to follow.
We didn't mind at all.
Our bundle of joy was HOME
Right where she belonged.


  1. I was super sick and on med throughout my 3 pregnancies too. UGH. But, like you, I love it all. I loved reading her story and she looks so beautiful and tiny in her baby carrier.

  2. Those pictures are just the sweetest! I loved everything about having babies even the back pain and swollen ankles! ;)

  3. I love babies too! A month or so after my second baby I said I would do it again, he came super fast with no drugs and was 10lbs 12oz, at first I was like HELL no. We only stayed a night in the hospital too. And both times it felt so good to be home and yes once we got there we both said "ok now what?!"

  4. so sweet! I loved every moment of bringing my daughter home...Jude had to stay behind in the nicu for a little while...so bringing him home was even more bitter sweet.


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