Ava Grace's Closet: What WE Wore Wednesday
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What WE Wore Wednesday

The What WE Wore Wednesday that almost wasn't this week.
Between a new retainer for The King, an impromptu shopping trip to Buffalo and a studio portrait session that I would prefer not to talk about ever - it's been quite a week. Sigh.
Ava tried to escape this week's pics altogether -

Earrings - Forever XXI | Cream embroidered blouse - HM | Shorts - Aritzia | Sandals - Tory Burch
And that's what we're wearing on Wednesday.


  1. Cream, embroidered blouse... sigh! You know how to make me swoon! :) Love the romper, too!! Adorable! :)

  2. I am sure you hear this all the time but her curls are adorable!! You look so cute!! The closet H&M is at least 12 hours away :(

  3. Oh my gosh! Look at those curls! My oldest always wanted to pose for photos at this age, but my younger daughter NEVER would hold still :)

    You look great in this top! Very pretty detailing at the top.


  4. Love your earrings and your sweet girl's curls!

  5. Lady-you rock the shorts! Love the outfit and your sweet little one....just adorable!

  6. Hi! New here and just visiting from WIWW :)

    I love that you post both your and your baby's outfits. With her cuteness and your style, this is my fave WIWW so far.

  7. Love the outfits! So cute...that jean romper...so darling!
    Love your cream blouse too....


  8. I love your daughter's curls - so precious.. Loved your outfit...

    PS - thank you for all your prayers for Haley - she is now at UCLA - her central line was put in - she is really sick right now - high fevers and a bacterial infection - they have started clearing her body of her antibodies so that she can receive the donor marrow next Friday - The donor we discovered is a young girl in Germany - it just shows that our world is really small and our God is huge...
    I've Become My Mother

  9. Love both your outfits- the romper is too adorable & you just look so chic! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  10. What a little curly haired cutie! And I love your shirt and earrings. Great combo! That shirt looks great with shorts. I just saw a similar outfit on another blog last night... I would have never thought to pair those two.

  11. SSSSUUUUSSSSAAAAAANNNNN!!!! :) Thank you for your vision... if only I could come up with a leather jacket and short boots!! :)

  12. i love what both of yall wore! suuuuuper cute. ava looks so adorable in apple bottoms! lol!
    sharde @the style projects

  13. i love her little romper...and that face is toooo much!

  14. beautiful earrings...and "apple bottoms" for little miss, rightfully so!

  15. Love your outfit-something about the proportions of shorts paired with 3/4 sleeve shirt looks so right-your little one is so cute too!!

  16. Gorgeous photos, great models! I love your sense of style.


  17. You and your baby girl look fabulous! I love your blouse!

    It looks like your Little Miss is about the same age as mine!


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