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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Essentials

So, here is my "fashion strategy".
 It has worked for me for (I'm not telling how) many years and has always made me feel on trend without being too trendy. 
It allows me to splurge on a few key items that can make an outfit while spending relatively little on the rest.
I rely on 3 staples:
1. High quality jeans
My favorites are by Paige, Hudson and Rock and Republic.
All in styles that can be dressed up or down. Some skinny, some full leg. Some hemmed for flats, others for a 4" heel.
For the fall, I will be on the hunt for two pairs -
A wide trouser-like pair. (these are by Derek Lam. love.)
And new J Brand skinnies. (apparently, fabulous - albeit they look so basic)
Worn perfectly by Heidi Klum.

2. Designer Sunglasses
I have shared my love before.
My current go-to's this summer have been my Ray Ban aviators. On hot days, they are the only shades that don't make your face sweat. (oh I know you know what I mean)
I am contemplating a gold pair for the fall. 
And 3. Designer Handbags
I have built up quite the little collection. And each and every one gets it's equal share of love.
And because I don't like to mix metals (OCD I know it) all the more reason to switch them up. 
My most recent addition was a steal and my current favorite when I'm not carrying a diaper bag. 
If I could only have one new (dream) bag for fall this one by Prada might be it.
But since the accompanying price tag is not so dreamy... 
I think this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is a great option.
Both would look equally (well, maybe almost equally) good with all the muted colors I am planning on wearing this fall.
Good jeans. Good glasses. And a good handbag.
Allows everything else, even when it's just a simple denim shift, to look better than before.
Happy Friday Fashionistas!

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  1. I saw a perfect pair of wide trousers with a double row of buttons rather than a zipper in the front, they were cute and borderline salior-ish, and completely adorable.

  2. LOL. Love that last pic...she really sums it up!

  3. You are right about all those items. Although, I haven't bought sunglasses in a couple years. I lost my Coach ones (which was a splurge, for me) and ever since then I have been too devastated to invest again. haha
    I love Hudson jeans..they are so soft, yet durable... I recently bought a pair that is slightly too small. I did this on purpose because I knew it would help me quit my soda addiction. hehe

  4. Aviators and that baby rocking those sunglasses are my fav!!!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! =) I'll deffinitely frequent yours! (specially after seeing the 27 dresses movie cover in previous posts... one of my top 5!.. together with The Devil wears Prada... which I'm sure we both love = ) Have a lovely Friday, girl!!



  5. How cute is that last photo! I live in jeans and love this post! Thanks for linking up honey! Kori xoxo

  6. Staples I live by myself...except switch out the bags for bracelets for me :)

    love those trousers...adding them to my fall list now!!

  7. I completely agree- good jeans & several good handbags are a MUST. Definitely my 2 weaknesses. I have a closet full of both. Loving that Prada bag you featured. I have a thing for that lovely nude tone.

  8. You named two of my most favorite things in the world. Designer jeans and designer bags. I really need to get a few new pair of jeans and a new bag or two for this fall. Oh, that's such a pitty. :)

  9. wide trousers .check.. gold ray-ban aviators check.. to do.. get bag..


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