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Friday, May 6, 2011

The WANT list

Yes, it's true. I keep an ongoing WANT list in my blackberry. This way, should I be inclined to purchase something I really don't need (which is often) I can simply check the list and walk away. Yeah, right.

Right now, the list looks like this:

yellow off-shoulder top
gold flips
black skinny cargo pants
small wallet (for crossbody)
the earrings

The last item needs no description as I have been WANTING these for so long they have become THE earrings.

Here is the inspiration... (at a recent dinner party I attended, one of the lovely ladies was actually (gasp) WEARING them)
They are by Van Cleef and Arpels. When I tried to find out the price of these lovelies, all lookups led to PRICE UPON REQUEST. This is never good. 
Pricetag? $35,000. Yikes.

Above is Kelly Rutherford from Gossip Girl wearing MY earrings. Beyatch.
Now look what mama found on a recent trip to Forever 21...(I know! I know! Exciting right??)
Pricetag? $6.50 
Strikingly similiar, non? Yes...I know they will probably turn black. 
But seriously...I will not have to worry about being killed for them. 
Or will I? 

yellow off-shoulder top 
gold flips
black skinny cargo pants
small wallet (for crossbody)
the earrings

And on this HAPPY Friday, here's what little miss wore...
Adorable right? The cargos and print t are by Old Navy. Denim jacket by BabyGap. Crochet hat (which can be found all over Etsy) is by Zero20Bambini.
Extreme closeup...
And that's all she wrote.
Off to chase my budding fashionista...


  1. How much fun was that? I wish I had a little girl when I see cute clothes. Thanks for sharing and I love those earrings. *sigh* I want big diamond hoops.


    from mommacan

  2. ps following through Google

  3. Um, you need to go back to Forever XXI and buy 10 pair!!!!!! Holy smokes - they look great for the price and you can throw them out without any guilt if they start looking grungy!!

  4. Aww! She is darling and the winner of the fashion show for sure!
    Hello I am following you via the FNFW blog hop. Please follow me.


  5. Aw! She is adorable!!!
    Following you from the “Finding New Friends Weekend” Blog hop! Please follow back!

    XO Shar

  6. Hooray for knock offs! I hope you still get the real ones some day ;)Your little one is so sweet!! A fashionista in the making! Love the hat :)

  7. oww,, So cute.. NIce picture i like.

    visiT please http://mejengproduk.blogspot.com/

  8. You daughter is adorable! ;) Great find on the earrings too! :) I am stopping by from the FNF blog hop! Hope to see you on my blogs (two have giveaways)





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