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Friday, March 25, 2011

To blog or not to blog....

As I watch my little miss enjoying her second (third?) Dora episode this morning I am still in awe of the fact that she can stand on her own. 
And move around. 
And say mama. 
And....I don't want to miss a moment but they are all so fleeting. Having a SURPRISE baby at almost 40 has afforded me the luxury of getting to do it all over again and this time I promised myself I would savour every delicious moment.

It's funny...as stuff is happening, you swear you'll never forget it. 
But you do. 
And that sucks. 
I swear I have all but forgotten what my other two were like between the ages of 2 and 6. Sure, I remember their birthday parties, funny things they did...but overall, honestly, it's all a bit of a blur. Thank God for photos and video! 

I am hoping this blog serves it's purpose and that is to capture all of my baby girl's (almost daily!) new milestones and to allow friends and family a glimpse into our little Ava's "closet" full of not only some of the cutest outfits EVER but also of fond memories of time spent with friends and family celebrating life's big moments. 
And we do enjoy a good party. 

Life really is a journey. I'm just trying to keep up.

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  1. These blog posts will be so wonderful fro all of you to look back on! I wish that blogs were around back when my mom was little, when I was little and even when our children were growing up! So...along with the art that I do, I post old family photos and write down a little of the memories that I remember so that our three grown kids can have them. :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!


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