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Friday, January 10, 2020

7 in 7 Interview with Dr. Nathan Rosen - Your Questions Answered

Today's post is sponsored by Allergan Canada. All views and opinions are strictly my own.

Following my visits to Dermetics throughout last year for all of my JUVÉDERM® filler consultations and subsequent treatments; I received a ton of questions.
Some of you DM'd through instagram.
Others emailed me.
Friends and family cornered me in person.
But resoundingly, the SAME questions were being asked by all women.

And so, this post was born.
I reached out to the incomparable Dr. Nathan Rosen from Dermetics, who personally completed all of my injections. I truly feel blessed. He is one of the best in the industry (though he would modestly deny that) and not only a true professional, but also generally awesome human.

Dr. Rosen took time out of his insane schedule to answer these questions for me and play my "7 in 7" lightening round. More on that later!
So, what were the top 3 questions I received from my readership base following that initial post?
Read on.

What questions should I ask my doctor?

What are your credentials? What is your experience? 

What are the potential complications and how would they be dealt with if they occur? Show me your before and after photos.   

Does it hurt? (!) Any side effects like swelling/bruising?

Some areas are definitely more sensitive then others,

(read: lips) however it is a lot more pleasant than a visit to the dentist AND the reward is looking and feeling better!  

Bruising and swelling are the most common side effects, however, both are usually mild and short-lived.

How does pricing work? + How long does it last? (tied)

All pricing is related and based on what you need or hope to get done and will therefore vary greatly from person to person and potentially treatment to treatment.  

Most people will look to top up an area at about the one year mark after initial treatment.  

Now that I had our famous doctor cornered, I thought it might be fun to do a lightening round of questions (including some I personally had) and he was game.
I told you he was a generally awesome human.
7 questions
7 minutes
And, GO!

 Will I look "done"? Fake?
Not if you do your research ahead of time and go to a reputable clinic, like Dermetics.

Can you do anything to lessen the pain of injections?
We use several distraction techniques and there is lidocaine, an anaesthetic agent, in the filler itself. 

If I only had the budget for one area, where would you recommend I start?
This is specific to the individuals needs. During your consultation, you will build a treatment plan with your trusted injector based on your goals and your budget.

Is any treatment area more painful than another?
  Most people find lips are the most sensitive area to treat. 

What is the biggest misconception about fillers?
You are paying for results, not for syringes of filler - so don’t shop based on price per syringe

At what age should I consider starting fillers?
When you are concerned about volume-related changes or decide that you want to prevent early signs of aging. 

I keep hearing about MD Codes™. What does it mean?
It is a unique approach to facial fillers that helps patients and doctors align in treatment goals, by first assessing emotional goals in order to help plan and execute that treatment.  

How long will the treatment last?
Depends on the area, amount and the individual, however. studies show that results with JUVÉDERM® can last up to 9-24 months, depending on the treatment chosen. 
Read more about that here.

I see advertising for fillers everywhere. Why is it important to use a medically trained physician?
This is a medical procedure, and although rare, serious complications can happen.  An expert physician injector will be able to minimize the risk and deal with complications should they occur.

 Any last piece of advice?
Do your research. Find an experienced, credentialed doctor and have a consultation.  Only go ahead if you are comfortable in their approach, and they are in line with your aesthetic.  

I sincerely thank Dr. Rosen and the team at Dermetics for treating me like I was famous from start to finish.
I couldn't imagine a better experience. Read more about JUVÉDERM® here.


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