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Thursday, June 29, 2017

What Ava Wore : Sunday Best

In case you don't guess it from looking at these photos, Ava's new very favourite thing to do?
Her make up.
I often find her playing with her big sis' collection - eyeshadow on her eyelids and under her eyes.
Like any little diva, she obviously chooses THE brightest pink lipstick she can find.
Quickly smudging it on before I catch her doing so.
Today, I let her keep it on.
Likely why she agreed to pose for these photos. And also why she looks so ridiculously happy in them.

dress - Gap Kids | sandals - Michael Kors

Honestly, this one keeps me laughing every single day.
And also wishing her clothes came in adult size just as often.

And speaking of adorable girl's clothing that I wish came in adult sizes - LimeApple's annual Clearance Sale (with 50% off sale items!) begins tomorrow through Canada Day - July 1st. Definitely worth a peek!
Happy Thursday indeed.

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