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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What I Wore : The Perfect White Tunic

If you're like me, then you are forever on the hunt for the perfect white blouse.
The one that fits just so and is long enough to cover slim-fit pants?
I may have found it.
In fact, it may not have been a blouse I was looking for all along - but rather, a tunic.
Longer length. But still a crisp, tailored fit.

The "Poppy" by Foxcroft is not only the perfect length, but the detail just makes even a basic pair of black leather leggings prettier.
And these days, I am all about pretty.

tunic - c/o Foxcroft | leggings | jacket | ballet flats
Happy Wednesday

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  1. You are definitely all about pretty. Really like the details of the white tunic. And yes, a pretty white, long shirt is hard to find, but you did it.


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