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Friday, November 11, 2016

What Ava Wore :: Getting Holiday Ready with Limeapple

It's baaaaack.
Well, almost.
On November 17th and 18th exclusively, Limeapple will once again be promoting their Holiday Gift Pack.
There will be three to choose from (!) each including a minimum of 5 pieces - THE perfect holiday gift for the little girl in your life.
If you follow along on instagram, you will have seen the start of the fabulousness that is included in the Holiday Boutique Pack. A faux fur hoodie that had the girls at school chasing our Ava
Grace just so they could get a feel.

Georgie Top - c/o limeapple | Foil Print Leggings - c/o limeapple | high-tops - Zara Kids 
Ms. Ava Grace will share the rest of the pieces soon including the prettiest dress for the holiday season + more.
The faux fur jacket may just make another appearance.

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