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Monday, June 6, 2016

Caryl Baker Signature Facial Experience

I was recently invited by the team at Caryl Baker Visage, to experience their new Signature Facial.
The 60-minute facial uses potent, pure botanicals (all of which smell incredibly good) in a multi-benefit way to restore hydration to the skin and fight those stubborn signs of aging. 
The application of a professional-use 3D serum with trademarked Idealift technology for a firmer complexion combined with a 3D (super cool!) anti-aging, bio-cellulose sheet face mask made my skin glow.

My facialist, Brittni, started off by thoroughly cleansing my skin and eye area, then gently applied the 3D serum which was left on for a full 3 minutes.
Once fully removed, a 3-layer sheet face mask infused with coconut milk was placed on my face.
When the layers were slowly peeled away, a transparent, sheer net was put on to "hold" all the goodness in the mask in place.
The lights were dimmed and I was left to relax and enjoy a quiet 20 minutes.
Pure bliss.
When the mask was removed, the skin was cleansed, fully massaged and moisturized with what smelled like a mix of peaches and cream. 

My appointment was in the late evening otherwise, I was told the final step included an application of a subtle tinted face cream that gave a lovely glow.
To be honest, I didn't need it.
My skin was glowing following the treatment. 
In fact, I went directly to Starbucks sans makeup and didn't get a single odd oh my God what happened to her face stare.
Mission accomplished.

Learn more about the Signature Facial here and if you're local, I encourage you to visit a location and get your skin summer-ready. 

 Big thanks to the team at Caryl Baker Visage Vaughan Mills both for the amazing treatment and for photographing me each step of the way. 
You ladies rock.

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  1. Wow, you really are glowing! Great result - Deborah Boland -Fabulous After 40


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