Ava Grace's Closet: Our Newest Addition
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Our Newest Addition

Just like any overtired mama, I'm a little late in sharing our newest additions birth story - even though he may or may not be almost 4 months old already.
Blame it on the late night feeds.
I kid. 

For as far back as I can remember, we always had a cat. Or cats.
Or cats and kittens.
I've always felt like something was missing in our home - that certain feeling that only an animal can bring.
You get home and they're waiting for you.
That unconditional love and a certain warmth.
I wanted that for my own children.
But somebody who shall remain nameless just wasn't feeling it.
He didn't grow up with animals.
It took a while for us to break him down.
But he finally did.

Introducing Calvin James Liberatore.
Yes, he has 3 names.
And we may or may not call him Sir. 
I may be partial but isn't he the sweetest?
Just look at those eyes!

When I picked him up just 6 weeks ago, he could literally fit in the palm of your hand.
He was eating from a little can of cat food and I swear, it was bigger than he was.
We worried we would step on him. And we might have.
He looked so lost in our house, barely a quarter of the size of one of our floor tiles.
But he adjusted quickly.
And now, he's right at home.

In case you're wondering, Calvin is a doll-faced persian which means he is a persian bred cat but doesn't have the standard "flat face" that you typically see with this breed.
He's a shaded silver which gives him the appearance of white but he's really more a pale grey mix.
His paws are dark underneath and his eyes have this magnificent almost eyeliner-like appearance.
He hails from Elliot Lake which is about 6 and a half hours north of Toronto.
He's a little bit country.
And he's all ours.

We're smitten.


  1. Well, Sir aka Calvin James Liberatore ~ is tres adorable!! and yes there is something only a furbaby can add to home and the love they give to their human family members is priceless!! (not to mention the hours of entertainment as they discover things).... enjoy my friend he is a darling!!

  2. He is beautiful! We adopted two kittens last November and they have grown up so fast. I look back at pictures and they seemed so tiny, I can hardly remember. It's funny how you almost can't remember life without them.

  3. Dearest Susan,
    WOW, your Calvin James Liberatore is a natural beauty and I LOVE his eyes! He looks very sweet & smart; at once so he will fit right in with the other Liberatores.
    What a possession such a fur baby is and it is adorable for seeing them grow up. A precious experience for all of your children indeed. Wonder who will claim him most...
    Sending you hugs and paws 🐾 from our lucky fur babies too.


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