Ava Grace's Closet: A Coffee Date
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Friday, January 29, 2016

A Coffee Date

It's been far, far too long since we sat down to have coffee.
I still take mine with double cream (I know) and a sugar and a half. No matter how hard I try, I just can't give up the sugar. In the process of slowly weaning myself down to just one. I blame my mother who takes hers so sweet, it makes your teeth hurt.

Ava started FULL TIME senior kindergarten this past fall. Still not sure I agree with a full time program for this age {it makes for a long day} but she is loving it. For us, it means no more daycare as we're fortunate to live just a few short blocks away from the school. I must say, walking her back and forth reminds me of my own childhood; something so great about being able to do so.

Julian is finishing his LAST YEAR of grade school. Maybe it's just me but he does not seem anywhere near ready to head off to high school. We are still deciding whether or not he will enter the regular school system or if we'll go private - I worry about him more than I ever did with Isabella both socially and academically. He's a different cat - and high school can be intimidating at the best of times. 
Life was so much simpler when he was in diapers.

The weather here in Toronto has been quite mild this year with very little snow. It's funny - the older I get, the LESS I like it very cold or very hot. This weather is suiting me just fine although, I do miss the white stuff. 



As you already know, Isabella is in 12th grade - her last year of high school. SO many milestones for us this year! I worry about her university choices; mostly because I don't want her to leave home. I'm leaning more towards the "go to school locally and we'll buy you a little car" route. 
Bribery? Maybe so, maybe so.

Is blogging a dying art form? (was it ever an art form?) I often contemplate where this little space is headed and while I still love the creative outlet it provides, I don't want it to become just a marketing space. I love sharing stories about our everyday life, photographs of my children - combined with reviews of products we actually LOVE and would buy ourselves. 
I never want that to change.

So tell me, what do you think of the semi-new blog design? We've been getting great feedback so far - I think it's much easier to navigate (find our favourite weekly features on the right side bar with direct links to the posts) and definitely cleaner. As Ava grows up, I wanted the space to grow with her; hoping we've achieved that.

I need to start working out. I hate working out. Any tips?

What have y'all been up to? Tell me everything.  


  1. Reese started JK this year and you know it has been a really different experience. I think with Soph she was SO ready because she was a January baby. Reese could have been good staying home for another 6months. But you know what - if they are at daycare all day I don't really see the difference (my kid never slept at Preschool!).

    Hope you are doing well Susan!

  2. yes .. it has been way to long since we shared coffee virtually and in person .. miss ya girl, miss our chats over coffee! - You are killing me with these macarons!! They look so good!! - Will have to check them out Butter Avenue - pure research of course !! LOL !! hugs, C.
    P.S. your blog looks great!! very crisp and elegant ..<3

  3. Dearest Susan,
    Love the lay out of your blog and it has grown along with Ava. Can't believe how fast time is going... But WHAT can we do about that part?
    Drink coffee indeed but NO sugar. Since 2007 I have quite putting any sugar in my tea or coffee. When my doctor told me that I had diabetes type 2, I quit and have not had a problem with it. Pieter would have died; no doubt as he is oh so sweet. Guess his next life will be as a honey bear!
    But macaroons I would love to eat for sure!
    Well my plans for the year so far have been thwarted very much as I had a bad flu, than a bronchitis and the laundry was piling up on me etc. With Pieter's turn for hosting the dinner for his Monday Night club on the 25th, I had to move mountains and I literally did. On Monday we received our new Miele dishwasher and Pieter built it in. They picked up the other one (also a new one that didn't work!) on Tuesday and on Wednesday I drove back and forth to Atlanta which is some 6 hours driving. Pieter no longer can manage that, the traffic is too much for his age. So needless to say that it does wear me out but I managed to clean the house and also cook on Monday. Got some back pain and had to sit down a few times in the afternoon but managed to pull it off, with Pieter serving the plates that I loaded on and sitting down myself for a bite as well. There always is a program right after dinner so I had to sit in for that. Pieter was sweet enough to do most of the dishes and I collapsed and was in bed before 10:00 PM and woke up with excruciating back pain. Guess I'd done too much too soon. Still the pain is not gone and I don't want to take opiates again as they will further ruin my kidneys. The pain is the same as at the end of 2009 when I became paralyzed in January of 2010. Scary but with rest and staying warm, eating well and yes, rewarding myself with some good dark chocolate! I try to get over it... Not doing anything yet.
    So yes, I certainly can see all your big decisions coming up this year and I too would offer the little car. It makes such a difference, not to say that driving is without any dangers. Private school might also be a very wise investment; you can do it only once and there is no second option. Education is in our opinion the most important thing for starting off in life. That will help you (or not) for the rest of your life.
    Sending you hugs,

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