Ava Grace's Closet: Christmas Gift Guide 2015 : For Him
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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Gift Guide 2015 : For Him

There are so many great gifts out there for the guys in your life - whether you prefer to go traditional, nostalgic or high-tech, choices abound. 
I won't say which but a number of these are on my shopping list - 

Christmas 2015

1. This update to the original fitbit comes with a new wider band and monitors everything from your heart rate to your fitness activity to how much sleep your getting. It then wirelessly synchs all of this information to whichever computer or smartphone you set up. It even displays your caller ID if in proximity to your phone - no need to stop a workout for an unnecessary call. Pretty neat. $149.95

2. Old Skool is always cool. Are you, like us, still holding onto your old vinyl collection? How fun would this be on Christmas morning. Your kids won't know what hit them - by Crosley Radio, available in blue, black or red. $79.99

3. Shearling gloves are and always will be a classic gift and on that can last a lifetime with proper care. This Ugg version, in this exact colour, is my very favourite. Worth the splurge. $175

4. Anyone else as obsessed with Herschel anything as I am? The entire line reminds me so much of the preppy backpacks girls in my high school used to carry. I never thought they were cool then, today, I've changed my mind. Duffle, $90. 

5. Yes, shoes again. I almost always buy my own husband shoes - I think I got this from my mother who loves to gift shoes on every occasion. Kind of brilliant if you ask me since who doesn't 
love shoes? I think these black trainers by Cole Haan would make the perfect addition 
to any guy's closet. on sale, $109.95

6. Ah, pjs. THE quintessential Christmas gift. We all get new ones every December 24th - this Uniqlo version is on my list because my husband loves his heattech scarf that I picked up in New York for him so much. I can only imagine how cozy these would be. $39.99

7. Last, but certainly not least, my new favourite cologne. I have passed this little ditty along to anyone looking to purchase a new scent for their guy. The bottle? Stunning. The scent? So, SO good. I picked mine up duty free on my flight back from Berlin and thought I did 
pretty well - Sephora's price for this fabulous gift set beats it hands down and I am all about 
that decorative box. Paco Rabanne Invictus, $96

For more inspiration, see this year's previous gift guides, here + here
Winner of the Hallmark Canada giveaway is comment #31 - @flowerchild. I will email you! 


  1. We're post twins today, I also did my men's gift guide and featured the same fitbit:) Love those shoes!

  2. all the men in our family got fitbits last year! i'm stumped this year. thanks for the ideas!

  3. Dearest Susan,
    Great ideas for the men in our lives.
    Sending you hugs,


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