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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What She Wore : Back to School with Soprano Handbags

It's hard to believe this girl is headed to grade 12 this year - her last year of high school.
She is not yet 17 and within the year will need to basically decide what she wants to do with the rest of her life.
Sounds melodramatic but it's true.
For now, her biggest decision is and should be deciding which of the 4 fabulous colours this Soprano Handbags backpack comes in she liked best.
And grey it is. 

sunglasses - almost identical here | cropped t-shirt - Aritzia {on sale options here + here} | scarf - J. Crew
backpack - c/o Soprano Handbags | jeans - Zara | hi tops - Converse
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back to school has never been so cool.


  1. First of all - love the new blog look! Second of all I can't believe she is almost done highschool?! Crazy. But she has time to get the rest of her life right. I changed programs 3 times in University and am now doing a job I swore up and down I wasn't interested. Things change - she will need to go with the flow :)

  2. yes, love the new blog look! it's crazy how time flies...my mini started 11th grade :(
    good luck with senior year...Izzy looks too cute here!

  3. she is so beautiful, and love the back to school look ( and love that the braid is back in play)

  4. I love the look!! So wish grey was a color I could wear :(

  5. Time is flying .... she is so grown up ... what a fab back pack... love the grey!!

  6. oh my gosh- I saw this post on IG and loved the outfit! I have a similar grey long/drapey vest but I never know what to wear it with! It looks weird with long sleeves.... it looks even more strange with a tee shirt.... I love how she wore it but I can't wear a crop top lol.... When I bought mine from H&M it was on a mannequin with a sleeveless/tank type loose shirt.... anyway- she looks fab- i'm sure all the boys wanted her and all the girls wanted to be her ;) my type of girl!

  7. Wow! Aren't you adorable with your basic tee and braids :) Gorgeous handbag too!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane


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