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Friday, August 14, 2015

Flashback Friday : Badorf Shoe Love

Ava Grace and I did a small project with the team at Badorf Shoe Company last year and now, as they get set to launch their spanking new website - we can finally share some of those images.
I loved looking back on how much she's already grown since early last fall and truth be told, she has already outgrown each pair. So sad.
And also, does my child have big feet for her age or is it just me? 

look 1
 top - Janie and Jack via ThredUp  
blazer - Gap Kids {not current - we love this}
​             jeans - Zara Kids via ThredUp
shoes - Footmates "Todd" c/o Badorf Shoes
​           look 2 
denim dress - True Religion {not current - option}
blouse - last season's Joe Fresh
red shoes - Footmates "Sherry" c/o Badorf Shoes 
  look 3
             beanie - Aritzia (borrowed from big sis)
top - Hello Kitty via Target
plaid skirt - Target
shoes - Footmates "Cheer" c/o Badorf Shoes

We fell in love with the look of the laced up oxford, both in a well-worn nubuck suede and in a reminiscent of the 50's black and white spectator.
Aren't they adorable?
And super well-made with high quality leather and suede, durable laces and sweet little details.
The red maryjane's quickly became her favourite - easy for her to put on on her own; the insole provided a raised footbed making it super comfortable.
 I have learned my lesson in the past - if it looks cute but isn't wearable, she is having none of it. and she will let me know it.
Good looks and good for their little fit = what these lines are all about.
We look forward to sharing a few of the new styles, now available on their website here in the coming weeks.

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