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Monday, July 6, 2015

What She Wore : Bohemian

This dress, via one of our favourite sponsors, Magnolia Boutique, takes me back to the 1960's and the bohemian culture that reigned. 
Loose and carefree, it feels almost like you're wearing nothing - and it's meant to emulate the feeling that you just reached into your closet to throw something on. and came out looking this fabulous.
Add a pair of well worn booties, a floppy hat and you were ready to find the next Grateful Dead concert.

floppy hat - c/o Magnolia Boutique
dress - c/o Magnolia Boutique {on sale! going fast!}

wrap bracelet - Stella + Dot
booties - Seychelles
Our friends at Magnolia Boutique have a huge assortment of boho-inspired looks including this, this and oh, we love this. 
Lots of fun finds and even more on sale. 
Be sure to check them out.

Happy Monday.
I've got a certain someone to pack up for an italian adventure!


  1. Dearest Susan,
    Izzy looks so cute in this outfit. A hat frames her pretty face in such a special way.
    Happy summer.


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