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Monday, May 25, 2015

Things Ava Says

Maybe it's just me but I sometimes feel like my 5 year old is really a 25 year old hiding in the body of a teeny tiny child.
She talks constantly. And I mean constantly.
Some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth has us wondering where she gets it half the time.
I tend to either call my husband and tell him what she just said and other times I quickly capture it in my iphone notes.
I never, ever want to forget.

While at Turnberry Isle Resort in Florida this past summer, we walked into the lobby bar where there was a fabulous lounge singer performing.
Ava told us this later on:
"I love that girl who sings at dinner. She's a really good singer. I'm a really good singer too. Does she know the Frozen song? I have to teach her that one". 

Me: Ava, if you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would it be?
Ava: {without hesitation} India.
Me: Why India sweetie?
Ava: because there are camels. and a desert. {huh?}

Ava: {rather adamantly} Mommy, SOG is when you cut something in half! {ummm, you mean saw?}

Smiling sweetly.
Ava: "nonna, I know how to speak in italian" {starts counting} because I'm italian".
Ava {to my mother} : "nana, I know how to speak in croatian" {starts counting} because I'm croatian".
She plays them both like a fiddle. And then each of them comes back to me and says, "you won't believe what she said!".

One morning last week...
"mom, daddy is taking me to daycare and you are picking me up 'cuz that's the way life goes" 

While driving in the car...
Me: Ava, {turns up music} this is my favourite band!
Ava: mine too! what is their name?
Me: Walk off the Earth
Ava: why do they want to walk off the earth?

You can't make this stuff up I tell ya.
A wee smile for your Monday.

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  1. cutie. also, a lot of wisdom..."that's just the way life goes."


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