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Monday, May 11, 2015

Nuts for Nudestix

I feel today's post should come with a warning.
NOTE: these products may become addictive.
When Isabella and I started playing with the new Nudestix products? It was tough to tear us away.
Everything is just so, so good.
And easy! 
I swiped the #gobronze metallic pencil across her eyelid in exactly 2 seconds. Played with the lighter shade on top for another second, and voila - a summer bronze smokey eye that will last through water, sweat and whatever else comes her way this season.
Don't even get me started on how pigmented and smooth the lip and cheek pencil is. 
I also used just a wee bit of contour in the form of this sculpting pencil - one of their best-sellers, SO good, the sku sold out. TWICE.
I used a touch on her cheek and on either side of the bridge of her nose. Slowly honing my skills in this department since apparently, contouring is all the rage these days
Lastly, if you slip up? Fret not! 
The new clean-up pencil {widely referred to as the "magic eraser"} may just be the best thing to hit your make up case since mascara.

Run, don't walk to your nearest Sephora.
Also available in select Urban Outfitters.


  1. Love these!!! I have one and adore it!

  2. Oh la la mon ami ... we so need to have a nudestix "play date" ... xo

  3. What colour combination is that for the lip pencil?

    1. Hi Elaine. It is the Mystic/Whisper new dual lip - isn't it amazing? I've been wearing it all week!

  4. Ooh - this stuff looks amazing. And how gorgeous is that daughter of yours??

    1. It really is! And thank you so much ms. Cate. I have to agree on this one. xo

  5. great colours, I may need to check this out


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