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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Melasma + A Giveaway

After having babies, my skin became extra sensitive. (as if it hadn't been sensitive enough before!)
I had to be super careful what type of products I used, never anything with essential oils or lots of fragrance, and the sun was my worse enemy.
We travelled to Florida when my Julian was just under a year and I, like always, used sunscreen and lay out. As much as one can "lay out" while looking after a little one.
In the evenings, I noticed my forehead was darker in some spots than it was in others. As the days progressed, I started to wear a hat outside but still noticed the spots were getting worse.
When we returned to Toronto, it looked almost as though I had a birthmark on my forehead - and no amount of make up would cover it.
this fave photo of Ava and I shows the discolouration (looks almost like bronzer that went on too heavily in spots!)
I promptly booked an appointment with a well-known local dermatologist who specialized in aesthetic skincare and beauty treatments. He told mewhat I had already self-diagnosed using google {ahem} it was melasma. Usually brought on by pregnancy, it causes skin to discolour in patches and is extremely difficult to treat as it gets worse in the sun. I learnt the latter quite quickly.
Treatments include microdermabrasion (tried it), chemical peels (tried them) using a hydroquinone based product (thought to lighten up the discolouration, I use this one on an ongoing) and most recently, laser and IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy.
The very last of which I am hoping to try come early fall. Theralight produces phototherapy products that estheticians and physicians use - treatments for not just melanoma or skin discolouration but also for acne, anti-aging and more. 
Be sure to check out their before + after testimonials!

Just in time for Mother's Day, the team at Theralight is sponsoring your chance at a $100 Sephora gift card!
Open Worldwide.


  1. What a fabulous give away ... and I have been thinking about trying light therapy for anti-aging...

  2. This picture is so precious, what a doll. Hope you are having a great week Susan:)

  3. Dearest Susan,
    Precious photo of you with Ava and I hope your skin is okay by now. I've never exposed my face to direct sunlight. Always covering with a wash cloth when I'm at the pool... Wearing a hat or capt is another great way.

  4. sounds promising! i experienced major melasma after my second pregnancy. plus i'm always in the sun. worst combination ever!


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