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Monday, October 20, 2014

How I Style Halloween with coupons.com

I love the Fall season and everything that goes with it - especially Halloween.
Every year, for as long as I can remember, I have gone all out with my kid's costumes.
To this day, kids from Isabella's elementary school remember and talk about her costumes - usually put together using simple items we found at home.
She was a punk rock ballerina one year, complete with ripped tights and black tutu. Another year, a snow princess {looong before the Frozen pandemonium} with dangling snowflake earrings and a sparkle-filled face. 
Halloween morning has always been a big deal around here.
This year will be no different.

I have a few fun ideas under my hat for ms. Izzy who is by far the most difficult to get ready - at 16, you would think we would be done with all this.
But, when your child basically goes to school at Fame, all of the kids in the program go crazy - which I kind of love. Her and a close friend typically dress the same and/or complimentary; I'm kinda loving the idea of Rosie the Riveter for the girls this year.

Halloween Ideas
denim jumpsuit {use code here to get free shipping on $100+) / bandana / blush / lipstick / boots 

Kinda fun non?
Get lots of other great Halloween ideas at The Good Stuff, coupons.com's own on-line magazine. 
And while you're there, enter the coupons.com Halloween Creepstakes for your chance at $100/day prizes + a Grand Prize of  $3000! Ends October 31st. 

What are your little goblins wearing this year?
Any fabulous ideas for 2 we want to look cool but also cute sixteen year old girls?

Winner of the Soprano Bertotti Handbags giveaway is Kari Crum. Congrats! I have emailed you. 


  1. We've got a peacock, a fairy, and Batman at our house. And with that, I'm out of ideas. :)

  2. well as you know halloween is not my favorite...but my kiddos school has some of the dumbest rules for halloween...sort of sucks all the fun right out of it.

    but atlas i will embrace halloween as long as they save me a reeces or two or ten. :)


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