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Monday, July 14, 2014

Smile Brilliant Review + Giveaway

Hope you're ready for a fun one today. 
And also, photographs of my face that are far, far too close up. 

I have been contemplating getting my teeth whitened for some time and did speak to my dentist about it on numerous occasions. Each time, I received the same response. Yes, we can do it. But, my teeth might be ridiculously sensitive during and potentially after treatment.
Seeing as my teeth are already sensitive, the thought of this getting any worse did not appeal to me. 
So, I never did proceed with treatment. 
Here is how my teeth looked. 
extreme close-up {before}
 When the team at Smile Brilliant reached out, I must admit, I was equally hesitant albeit curious.
I worried that the same thing would happen but was assured that although the treatment did provide results equal to those I could receive from my dentist, they would also include a desensitizing gel {an additional $19.95} in my package that would all but alleviate the issue.
I decided to give it a go.
The kit arrived quickly and I had to simply mix together a paste {see the entire process here} and send the impressions of both my upper and lower teeth into the organization.
From there, my custom fitted whitening trays arrived and I was ready to start! 

Prior to whitening, I applied the desensitizing gel for 30 minutes.
I then brushed and replaced this gel with the whitening gel and left it in place for 30 minutes, gradually working my way up in time over the next few days. 
Not kidding, my teeth looked better with the very first use.
The package recommended whitening daily for a period of 5 days, leaving the trays in place anywhere between 45 minutes and 2 hours.
I did this, in fact, I think I did a full week as I didn't leave the whitening agent on longer than 1 hour and this is how my teeth look now.
extreme close-up {after}
Here are a few things that I really like:
1. Although the difference is quite significant, my teeth still look natural. Like they're mine and not George Hamilton's.
2. There was NO sensitivity at all. Now, I did try to use just the whitening gel once without the prior step of de-sensitizing {#lazy} and DEFINITELY felt the difference. Not awful but also not pleasant.
3. The entire process from start to finish? Ridiculously fast. My completed trays received about a week after I sent them in and I am Toronto based. Not bad at all.
4. The price. The kit I used retails for $119.95; I won't tell you what my dentist quoted me. 
And I won't tell him about Smile Brilliant.
Unless he asks.

side by side comparison 
What do you think?
Want to give the system a try?
Enter to win one of your own below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open to residents of the U.K., Australia, Canada + the U.S. 
Good Luck!


  1. I must be getting tech-savvy as I was able to enter ALL entries! yikes!

  2. I have just used whitening toothpaste before, but I would love to try this product! Your teeth look amazing!
    xo Emma
    P.S LOL about George Hamilton!!!

  3. I have tried the whitening stripes. I would love to try this because your results look great and I have heard great things about
    smile brilliant

  4. I have tried several teeth whitening products and only one of them worked that I received from my dentist. I would love to have a brilliant smile for our upcoming family pictures!

  5. Impressive! I wish I could do teeth whitening... but my enamel is too thin. Looks like you had great results!

  6. I have never tried to whiten my teeth. I would love to try this as I find it makes people look younger when their teeth are white.

  7. I've used whitestrips but this looks like a great way to get a white smile! Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Wow this looks like a swell concept.....thanks for sharing this brand with us!


  9. I use teeth whitening toothpastes and mouth washes but would like to try Smile Brilliant and find out if there is any noticeable results and if so, repurchase.

    Rafflecopter: Rosie Areola

  10. the results look awesome!!
    i have never tried, but always wanted to. most just seem like too much work. i do love my coffee, so i hope to find one that works for me!

  11. I've tried white strips before but would love to try something different! Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. I've used white strips, but my teeth are sensitive. I want my smile to look it's best :)

  13. I have tried other teeth whitening products before. I would like to try Smile Brilliant because your review pictures looks like it would do an amazing difference.

  14. i've tried smile brilliant before and i love it !:) works great. that's why i'm entering the contest!

  15. Yes, I have. I used to use the Crest white strips.

  16. I've never tried to whiten my teeth, but I am a huge coffee drinker so I really need to!

  17. Only tried whitestrips. I'd love to brighten up my teeth!

  18. i love whiting products!


  19. I've tried the strips but no help, would love to try Smile Brilliant

  20. Your teeth looked great to begin with Susan but they look amazing afterwards! I'd love to get this done! Ax


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