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Monday, April 14, 2014

Taking Pictures of Children : The Outtakes

Since Ava was born, she has been my muse and the inspiration for this blog.
Hence, the blog name.
I have been taking photographs of her for just as long and though some days, she is totally in the mood and a pleasure {those days, I get more photos than I know what to do with...and of course, I can't delete a single one!} on others, not so much.
The good thing about being a mama again later in life is that I find I have SO much more patience. 
With the others, I remember getting so frustrated. Just smile already!
Now, if she's not in the mood, I know there is no changing her mind and we come back to it another time or another day. 
That said, there are still a fair share of fun outtakes.
And yes, of course I save those. 
the pick your ear {the nose is quite popular also}

the shifty eye
the hide your face
the look the other way {over here Ava!}
the mid-sit
this one needs no explanation
the awkward smile {like this?!}
the angry face {this is quite popular when she has had enough}
a sad bunny. not so good.
another of the "I'm over taking pictures" looks
I love these. she doesn't quite understand that I can't capture motion. here she is doing the "Toddlers + Tiaras" heart around the face with sound. you need to see this one in person to understand how hilarious it is. 
the awkward "let's get this over with" smile
Taking photographs of children is not the easiest thing in the world but I so enjoy it. 
Even on the off days.

Hope you're Monday is as fabulous as a perfect photo.
Countdown to Croatia is officially on around here. 


  1. aw she's so adorable!. I agree that it's def not easy. I have so many pix of Kaylee with her tongue out lol

  2. omg the sad bunny pic killed me! She's adorable (happy or sad!)

  3. Dearest Susan,
    You could write an entire post on toddler body language and Ava expresses herself very clearly! Wondering what Ava will want to do for a profession later in her life...
    Hugs to you and enjoy the count down!

  4. I love the bunny one the best ... lol!! At least she will attempt to take photos! bloggin has made it much harder for me to delete photos...I mean what if I need that photo for a future post?!!!?

  5. lol this is so funny because I am so with you. Sophie went through this phase at around 3 when she "tried" to smile it was just the weirdest smile ever. The natural smiles were lovely. I think they have both given me these looks.

  6. These are priceless!! Ava is so animated ...what a little darling ...happy week... Can't wait to see photos of her Europe trip!!! Hugs, C. (HHL)
    P.S. I too heard snow ... hoping the weather dude is wrong...

  7. I just want to squeeze her!! She is such a doll and so stylish like her Momma!! :) I want her sock monkey rain coat!! :)

  8. She's beautiful in every moment, with every face. :) So glad you share her pictures with us!

  9. such a ham!! look at that personality! love it. cutie-cute.


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