Ava Grace's Closet: What I Wore : World Mastercard Fashion Week Day 3
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Friday, March 21, 2014

What I Wore : World Mastercard Fashion Week Day 3

I was really excited about Day 3's set of shows.
From Gsus Sindustries, to Pink Tartan {my very favourite Canadian line!}, into Joe Fresh and ending with Mackage
Though I fully intended on staying through all of them, I called it an evening after Mr. Mimran's {aka, Joe Fresh} stellar presentation although I have since seen some images from the final show and it looked incredible. As expected. 
Here are my favourite looks from each:
Gsus Sindustries {image credit}
Designers : Jan Schrijver and Angelique Berkhout {image credit}
Pink Tartan {image credit}
Designer : Kimberley Mimran {image credit}
Joe Fresh {image credit}
Designer : Joe Mimran {image credit}
The photo above does not do the fabulous rich green coat with bow tied belt justice. 
Needed to get that out. 

I planned on going a little more casual for this evening and settled on the below look including my new favourite pants from Express
Honestly, more comfortable than wearing sweatpants. 
The shoes? Not so much
top - Zara {no longer available / love this option}
necklaces - Style Lately / Stella + Dot
jacket - Joe Fresh {U.S. option}
pants - Express {U.S. here}
handbag - Michael Kors {old / loving this one}
shoes - Zara {no longer available / option}
Happy Friday fashionistas!
It's ms. Ava's birthday weekend.
SO excited. 
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  1. You look amazing and those pants do look so comfy! I love those shoes!

  2. Love this look on you - again so fun to hang with you at Fashion Week! And Happy Birthday to miss Ava. ps it is Jane from torontoShopoholic I am somehow logged in??

    1. Yea! Apparently I can use my google plus to comment on your blog now WOOT!!

  3. You nailed it! Fantastic outfit & I lurve your new pants! We've gotta suffer some how & its normally the feet that do! Ax

  4. Dearest Susan,
    Funny to look at two Dutch designers; Angelique and Jan.
    Love your outfit very much; maybe not so the shoes (for comfort reason mainly) but those pants looks so elegant at the ankle too.
    Hugs and happy 1st spring weekend. Hope you will notice 'some' hint of it.

  5. Great outfit ...loving the jacket!!!! Girl you are styling and rocking..hugs, C. (HHL)

  6. Looks like a great show! You're outfit is amazing!! Have a great week.


  7. Beautiful, I would so wear this too. Love it all!

    blue hue wonderland

  8. Looks like a great show and I'm totally diggin' those pants!


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