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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What I Wore : My Boyfriend's Back

I've finally given in to the powers that be and decided that since Spring may never be coming, so I will just wear what I like. 
And then, it snowed. Again. 

sunglasses - RayBan | earrings - Shabby Apple | long sleeve t - Joe Fresh {U.S. here}
jacket - H + M {sold out // similiar} | jeans - The Gap | handbag - Aimee Kestenberg c/o The Shopping Channel
shoes - Lauren by Ralph Lauren
 Notice how it got progressively worse.So.Much.Fun.
Only not. 


  1. Oh no - you guys are having one hell of a winter. On the bright side, it does help the blog photos to look awesome and kudos for getting out there in your boyfriends. Love this look - so edgy and chic x

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  2. Seriously loving this fun look. That jacket is brilliant!!! and loving the pop of red from your shoes!!! Gorgeous. Stay warm.... it's even colder and the back is waist deep in snow , here at the country house. Hugs, C.

  3. I love this look! as always you look amazing! MIchelle ox

  4. ... and you are with your distressed pair of jeans?? Brrrr!! You are brave :) and very2 stylish!

    Dubai, UAE

  5. I've decided the same darn thing. :) And I love this look on you!

  6. Great, great look! I am loving the red shoes and the jacket. So chic!

  7. You guys are getting nailed....what in the world???? Oh well, love the attitude..work it...those jeans are fab on you, hot momma!!

  8. Love this outfit! This is something I would totally wear! You are so brave to go out there in the snow!

    Thrift and Shout

  9. Ohh, love those distressed boyfriend jeans with the fitted jacket. Very nice!

  10. I love the combination of the jeans with the heels! You look amazing.

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  12. You look fab in boyfs Susan & I love them with this jacket & the red heels! I can't believe that snow!! We've escaped it this year! Thank God! Ax


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