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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Inside the Fashion Blogger's Closet

If you follow more than a few fashion blog's, you might see that often times, they get it so right.
Certain items become not just popular, but often coveted and sometimes, on rare occasions? Sold out. 
Recently, myself and a fellow Toronto based blogger, Jane from Toronto Shopaholic, were chatting at Toronto Fashion Week about this very thing and how crazy it is. 
It truly amazes me almost daily how strong the influence of a fashion blogger can be.

The Blogger Closet

1. The Karen Walker sunglasses. 
All wildly popular but these two styles? Style Blogger Required.
The number one + the super duper.

2. The lipstick du jour? YSL
Not cheap but seriously fabulous. 
I'm a convert. And I'll never look back. 

3. The Zara plaid scarf. So popular it was unavailable before you could hit "add to cart". 
Try this one by Forever XXI for a similiar look. I own it and it's perfect.
Albeit, also tough to find, particularly in the U.S. 

Need I say more?
Red is always preferable.

5. The Valentino Rock Stud pumps.
These stump me. I want them very badly but at $945 a pair, it isn't likely to happen.
Especially since, I am a stay at home mom and don't plan on wearing them to the park.
Although I would.

6. This Clare Vivier clutch.
All of her styles are lovely but this particular print? A blogger favourite.
And most likely, still sold out. 
You can wait list yourself.

7. One {well, two} of the newer additions.
Seen in more blogger instagram photographs and style posts than I care to think of.
Lovely, yes. But everywhere on seemingly, everyone.
Zara always gets it so right.
pink + blue.

8. The J. Crew pave link bracelet.
 So perfect daily beside a large, bold faced watch.
It inspired so many copycats including this one.

9. I actually think this particular bag is in every.single.one of the coveted fashion blogger's closets.
Perfection in a single tote. 

10. And last, but certainly not least, what may be THE blogger shoe of this coming season. 
The Steve Madden leopard print slip on.
Now these, are perfect for the park. 

So, which are your favourites?
I'm guilty of already owning more than a few of these or variations of them.
Are you?


  1. I am a total Karen Walker girl. I have two pairs (although only one of the pairs you featured)! However, the rest of them have so far not joined my arsenal. I am hoping to find the perfect leopard slip ons, but I might get checkerboard Vans instead!
    xo Emma

  2. I really want the leopard slip ons, have the scarf (albeit I bought it before I realized every blogger and their brother had it), I have a Marc Jacobs pair of sunglasses similar to the Super Duper. The Karen Walker style I really want is actually Northern Light I believe. Love it all really. I always have to remind myself that just because it is on every Blogger it isn't on everyone else.

    Love that you posted this & thanks for linking out to me ;)

  3. Two thumbs up to each & every item in this list Susan....the Valentinos will forever be on my wish list though!!!


  4. I love all these pieces but some are way out of my budget, however, I do have the slip on sneakers which I can't stop wearing! :)

  5. I "NEED" The Celine Phantom handbag!!! Swooning...

  6. you had me a hunter boots....ok and leopard print.

  7. i still want that pave bracelet, because i seriously do love it...it would go with EVERYTHING in my jewelry collection PERFECTLY! the only reason i haven't is because it's too big for my wrist.

  8. It's funny... I loved a lot of these... until I started seeing them on so many people. I like being different than everyone else. Although a pair of pink or purple Hunters are on my list for spring. :)

  9. LOL! Perfectly put together Susan! I'd kill for a pair of Rockstuds & a Phantom too! The Zara scarf was on my wishlist & I have a pair of leopard print skater shoes from good old M&S! We all completely bonkers aren't we?! xx


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