Ava Grace's Closet: Spring Wish List
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Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring Wish List

Let's be honest.
Anyone who lives anywhere near where I do isn't thinking Spring is coming anytime soon.
But a girl can dream.
This Spring, more than any other, is pulling me towards pretty shades. 
I want to abandon black + grey.
Or at least push them as far back into my closet as possible. 

Spring Wish List

This Spring, I'm focusing on picking up just a few classic pieces that will keep me on trend but also stand the test of time. 
Yes, the Chanel handbag is a wish list item that may not be in my closet until next Spring {or the one after that} but I have been semi on the hunt through various consignment shops. I know the right one will come along soon. 

1. It's all about the midi skirt for me this season and into the summer. I hope to add a pocket leather one, like this to my collection along with a few pastel hued ones like the pink one above {find it here}. I am in love with the Tibi. Not so much with the price. 

2. One perfectly checked pink and black blazer. Thank you Top Shop.

3. I need to replace my gold watch and have been eyeing this one by Kate Spade. I love how simple it is and the face is nice and large, just how I like them.

4. I'm trying to move away from reaching for a statement necklace and rather, start outfitting my wrist with pretties like these. A dainty bowed bangle {here} + a stunning pastel-hued cuff {here}.

5. There it is again. It's eyeing me. 

6. I've already picked up the shoes I wanted for this coming season. Just yesterday, I found these d'orsay like shoes at Target. Ridiculously cute. They will not last so if you're looking, get them now. 
I also finally {!} picked up a peep toe bootie. These are by Sole Society and are exactly what I was looking for. They don't seem to be available in black anymore but they have other colours still in stock. Great deal! 

7. And lastly, I added one of these YSL babies to my collection and all the rave? Sadly, true. Pricey but my favourite lipstick ever. I knew that would happen. I am contemplating a bright pink like this one. 

So, do tell, what are you shopping for this Spring?


  1. Yeah, that Chanel bag is eyeing me too! A girl can dream and dream and dream!! LOL! Maybe one day, but I am not holding my breath!

  2. The skirts and blazers are adorable! Lovely picks!

  3. I'm loving the pastel shades of spring too. Someday, right? Surely the snow will melt at some point!

  4. Looking for the perfect peep toe wedge, a floral blazer and the perfect fullish midi skirt!
    xo Emma

  5. Girl!! what is up with this weather ???? it feels even colder after being in warmer temps. I'm so ready for spring. These are great warm weather inspirations - especially loving the bangles and that Chanel hand bag - no words needed. We need to plan a warm weather wardrobe shopping escape. xo C.(HHL)

  6. I have been seeing that Kate Spade watch everywhere! I really like it as well, simple but very chic and cute.

  7. Number 6 is my forever wish!!!!!



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