Ava Grace's Closet: That time my Iphone died
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Friday, January 31, 2014

That time my Iphone died

Yesterday morning, we had to drive Isabella to school for her second last exam. 
Quite uneventful.
From there, Ava and I planned ot stop at the mall to do a few Christmas exchanges. I know, I know. On the way, I needed to make a quick call to a girlfriend. I dialed her number.
The phone never rang.
And then, it went dark.
I tried to power it back on with no success. 
I wondered if I had perhaps forgot to fully charge it? No matter.

We arrived at the mall and I left the phone in the car since obviously, it would be of no use to me. We stopped in at Winners {aka TJ Maxx} first. While strolling through the shoe aisles, I spied a fantastic pair of printed Coach ballet flats. On super sale, and in a size too small for me, I reached for my phone to quickly snap a photo and send it to a few gals who I knew might love these. 
I had NO PHONE. 
With the exchange complete, we walked out into the mall.
A few steps in the distance, I noticed a few little amusement park type rides in the centre of the mall. I knew what would happen next since it always goes the same way. 
Ava ran towards them.
She tried each one out and decided to finally brave the usually dreaded "horsie". 
Up she climbed and I popped in a loonie.
It was a Kodak moment.

We shopped around, completed errands and I absent-mindedly reached for my phone on at least two different occasions to text one person or the other and once more to check an email that contained a J. Crew coupon code. Le sigh.
We were hungry.
I decided to sit down in a casual restaurant rather than brave the food court. We were seated and I said to Ava "we should call daddy to join us!"
Except. You guessed it. 
I seriously contemplated asking the folks at a neighbouring table to borrow their's. 
When is the last time you looked for a pay phone? Because I did that to and let me tell you, THERE ISN'T ANY. Anywhere!
The moment we got home, I quickly called my husband.
"Were you trying to reach me?? Because my phone DIED." dramatic pause.
He wasn't.
And I'm pretty sure that no one else was either.
This evening, as I sat finishing my dinner, I realized I couldn't live without my phone. 
I also realized that today was rather peaceful. 


  1. This has happened to me more than I can count. The cartoons made me laugh because they are so true!

  2. ha! love your cartoons, your gorgeous and i love your blog! pls follow mine..


  3. haha i loved this. i use my phone mostly for a camera. Lyla even yells CHEESE when she sees it lol. I rarely talk on it...funny how that is....I loss my phone often too...but i feel panic stricken if my husband is gone and i can't find it or i need to drive in the car and i cant find it....bc i feel like that one time i dont have it i will get a flat tire...lol...b/c you know i spent the time i got my drivers license up until about 5 years ago with out a phone...go figs.

    thanks for the laugh!

  4. i hate when i forget my phone, but it really is peaceful without it...i get more done!

  5. So true! I always feel like something is missing when I forget the phone... and yet it's so nice sometimes!

  6. It just goes to show how much we rely on them! Love them or hate them they are a necessity these days! You are so right about pay phones.....where did those things go?! Ax


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